Beavers Past Camps & Events

The Beaver archive – events from before 2020.

July 2018

Group BBQ

It came home…


May 2019

Family Camp

River Dart


 May 2018

Family Camp

River Dart Country Park


April 2017

St George’s Day

District parade


April 2017

Colony Sleepover

Beavers sleeping?

March 2017

Clip ‘n Climb

Monkeying around

November 2016

Remembrance Parade



Dementia Friends

It’s official!

May 2016

Avon Jamboree

A sunny day visit

May 2016

Family Camp

Sunny days at River Dart

December 2015

Carol Singing

In fine voice…

April 2015

Longleat Trip

A St George’s day to remember

November 2014

Remembrance Day


October 2014


Speaking to the world

June 2014

Centenary BBQ

Sunshine on the field

May 2014

Family Camp

Sunhine in Keynsham…