This page is dedicated to al those Beavers, Cubs Scouts, leaders or otherwise who make our lives simply wonderful!



“I find everything I want to take, then my mum turns my bag into the Tardis”.

…said a Scout at Winter Camp 2023


“I can see a warehouse…”

Said a Scout when asked over the radio to give his location. 

Expedition 2019


She’s 5’10 and sizzling hot!

Overheard by Scouts from a respectable looking passenger on a tube train in London 2019



“This is  just full of mushy peas,” complains a Scout during Surfing 2019.

“What is it you’ve got?” asks the leader.

“A pea fritter…”

Surfing 2019

“They clearly didn’t have that much money…

…they couldn’t afford clothes for their statues.”

Scout at Osborne House IOW Summer Camp 2019


“Nick’s preposterous choice of music!”

A Scout’s Summer Camp report 2019


“How do I know if it’s cooked?”

“Eat it and wait 24 hours…”

Probably not what you want to hear…

Summer Camp IOW 2019



Quote of the decade:

“We’re 62nd, we don’t do knots!”

Spoken by a Scout at Star City Trek Competition 2008

“Voor rectal gebruick…”

When buying Paracetamol in a foreign country read the packet very carefully!

Otherwise Scouts look very worried…

Leader, Netherlands 2017 


Get it?

Got it.


With thanks to Danny Kaye.

Winter Camp 2013

You’ll never outfox the fox.

Also in homage to Danny Kaye and the wonderful film: The Court Jester. Winter Camp 2013

“Don’t jump Chris, just don’t jump…” ~ one Scout to another at the top of a perilously stacked pile of crates

Winter Camp 2007

“Smells like chocolate” ~ Scout quote after getting off the minibus at Cadbury World

Winter Camp 2007

Question asked to a Scout (an older one at that…) “Are you you scared of us leaders…?”

Said with feeling, “Hell yes…”

Pennwood 2009

“C’mon 62nd you should be able to win this one!”

Shout of encouragement during Cub hockey final between 62nd ‘A’ & 62nd ‘B’

So, why did you join 62nd?

Because the stuff you do looks amazing, Croatia sounded really good.

Newish Scout to a leader 2011

“Even my pants are wet”

Scout Leader when taking down tents in the rain, Glenny Woods 2008

“The sound of the leader’s snoring was louder than the aeroplane engines”

Jersey 2007 flight home

“Stop picking flour out of your ear when on parade”

Halloween night 2005

“I’m bored…”

BORED! In London, the capital city of the United Kingdom!?”

London Trip 2006

“Where are you?”

“I’m building cardboard caves.”

“Are you at the hut?”


“No, I’m doing it in my living room you pillock!”

Phone conversation between two leaders, 2009.

Wind the bobbin up!

Pennwood 2009

“I’m running out of snow”

Scout leader when cutting out ‘snow bricks’ from the field, full of snow, worst snow in 30 years in fact…

So what’s making the noise on the roof at night?

Big rats…


In a conversation with a local Maltese chap.

The thump you heard at the end is the district scouter falling off his chair, having fainted. Malta 2013

“3rd time today actually… I was ostracised by some sheep earlier…”

Scout Cycle to Gloucester 2014

“GET IN LINE! Left, right, left, right! What do you think this is a walk in the park!?!”

A Scout leader to the Scouts when on parade in Royal Victoria Park, Bath, 2007

Super stoked!

Summer Camp 2011

“Blimey Charlie…”

“That’s c**p that is.”

Summer Camp, Wareham 2000

 “My Dad says thank you for the best Scout night ever!”

Scout reporting back to a leader when asked to bring an empty beer can to Scouts…

“Getting wet – in December!?”

Scout upon finding out next weeks programme plan…

Dan – great man of boat…

When using an online translator a French conversion of ‘Dan, Dan, the big boat man’ translated back thus.

“How long have we been travelling?”
“8 hours”
“8 hours! You can get to Canada in 8 hours.”
“Thank you George, I needed that.”

Stuck on the M6 from Peak District, Summer Camp 2006

 “You don’t know what we’ve been through”

Said with an awful lot of feeling by a ten year old Scout upon return of Alternative Summer Camp 2012

 It’s the game…

…the game we love to play.

Summer Camp 2014

Conductor: …so anyone over the age of 40 will know exactly what piece is coming next.

Scout: What is it?

Scout Leader: What!? I’m only 39! Cheeky devil!


During a visit to see the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, February 2014

“I’ve trekked up mountains, travelled the world, survived all weathers, but I’ve never been so exhausted as spending a day with your Scouts…!”

A new leader

SL: I’m taking a little break for this term.

Scout: Are you on maternity leave!?


”Why are you throwing your rubbish in there?”

Reply: ” Because it’s a bin.”

Scout, Cycle Ride to Bath May 2008

“My life is complete, I’ve seen the large plug by Claes Oldenburg!”

Scout, London 2006

“Is that a dead mouse!? Ahem, no it’s a leaf, right lets move on to the next obstacle, hurry up…”

Removed to protect the innocent!

“Are we really getting taxis to the London Eye!?”

Scout sitting at breakfast in North London, May 2009.

Where are you now?

Hilltop Farm

That means nothing to me. What are you doing?

I’m trying to find the other bus.

I AM THE OTHER BUS! Let’s start again…

One leader to another Surfing 2011

It’s ten to 6 and I’m sooo awake!

Sadly the other leaders in the tent weren’t, until then…

Alternative Summer Camp 2012

“I think they think you’re a Gromit…!”


Usher at a wedding which the Scouts tried to invade

Gromopoly 2013


 “That bridge is a death trap”

Be careful of off-hand, passing comments; other Scout leaders are unrelenting in their mockery…


Summer Camp 2014

Chief Scout: “…keep trying…”


A little later

Leader: What did you think of the Chief Scout?

Scout: Well, you’ve always told us to keep trying so it was all pointless really…


Avon Jamboree 2016

(I still enjoyed his visit…)



“I’ve got so much rice pudding in my ear I could feed three Scouts”

Specifically 3 Scouts…

The morning after a messy evening. 2018



“It’s easier than writing a script about yourself”

A Scout trying to scale a Jacob’s Ladder.