Group BBQ 2018

“It’s coming home!”

With England amazingly still in the world cup, the afternoon started with an increasingly crowded hut, as more and more people joined us to watch the game. There were so many people, in fact, that iPlayer crashed, just before the final whistle…

There was food, football and fun a’plenty, with gorgeous burgers and hot dogs, and a very well stocked bar! The leaders particularly enjoyed the bouncy castles, whilst the climbing wall was a big hit as usual. It was great to see so many there – thanks for joining us and for spreading the word!

We also had a visit from the DC, who awarded Nick his good service award, which took him completely by surprise! Thanks to Phil for organising such a great afternoon, and to all the parents and leaders who helped out before, during and after the event.

For those hardcore enough to stay until the end, we had a fantastic game of King Kubb, our favourite Dutch game!

 photo BBQ 2018 40_zps3pexietr.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 42_zpsgcxtbtmw.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 43_zpslzbdigoj.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 46_zpskg2rehyr.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 51_zpscriod4id.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 55_zpswqzsi7m6.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 60_zps87n8t7gy.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 2_zpshw0nwavh.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 4_zpsk8jxmlyw.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 10_zpsbdmtpdyf.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 12_zpspfmaqafu.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 14_zpstmrfydr3.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 17_zpsh3ygpcby.jpg  photo BBQ 2018 34_zpsxsdhvbdo.jpg

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