Winter Camp 2020

Winter Camp 2020

Dean Field Studies Centre

Let’s get ready to (jungle) rumble!

With storm Ciara in full swing, we set off to the Forest of Dean, back to windy Parkend where we have previously camped over the years. However this time we were treated to the run of Dean Field Studies Centre, complete with beds, a lounge, a games room and a thermostat set to ‘Mediterranean‘. It proved to be an excellent base for the weekend, safe from the chilly winds of Ciara!

The fun and games began at 23:50 on the night before camp, when we realised the food shop was confirmed to be delivered to a leader’s house, and the onset of ilnesses meant we were losing scouts by the hour! However we made it over with a party of 36 scouts and 12 leaders, a rather lovely amount.

After settling in, we gathered round the fire for an excellent camp fire. Participation and enthusiasm levels exceeded the norm, and with a good number of singers we were heard throughout the valley (…I would have thought)! A return of ‘accents from around the world’ AKA the Lappa Dance saw bemused scouts shuffle around the fire, looking forward to ‘ZEEE BIG TOE!’

Saturday was a big and active day, even by winter camp standards. Adventurous activities took the form of a high ropes course and deep, dark caving, both of which were thoroughly enjoyed by all. However the fun didn’t stop there; the evening’s entertainment was a jungle themed barn dance! After a Brazillian Banquet (featuring crickets, mealworms and locusts for starters), we chassayed over to the garden room, complete with a disco ball and funky lights! We danced a handful of routines including the leaving of Liverpool, Suicide Square and Blaydon Races; by the end it looked like we sort of knew what we were doing! Well done to everyone for throwing themselves into the evening and making it a great success. We even heard that one scout was practicing the dances around the kitchen when they got home! By the end of the night, everyone was suitable shattered and ready for bed.

Storm Ciara’s gusty tendencies saw us ditch a walk through the woods, instead enjoying a lazy morning and completing some team building activities. We learned that making pancakes on a tin can is almost impossible in gale force winds, and that even when in a sheltered area, it’s still almost impossible…

Well done all for a fantastic weekend!


The tin can bake off submissions… Scouts were instructed to present ‘8 IDENTICAL pancakes’… hmmmm

Look closer… they’re only matches in Dan’s mouth!