Winter Camp 2019

62nd Bristol Wednesday and Friday Scout Troops

Friday 1st February 


Sunday 3rd February


With the South-West waking up to a thick dusting of snow on the Friday of camp, a frantic snow-patrol WhatsApp crisis group had been formed to hatch a plan! Luckily the roads cleared quickly, the coach would still take us and our accommodation was open for business as usual!

We stayed in the wonderful St Braivels castle, run by the YHA. Dorm rooms included the old prison, banqueting hall (complete with a mobile-throne point!) and the Oubliette, featuring skeletons and all!

We were blessed with some cold but perfect weather: snow covering the ground all weekend and the sun shining away, helping to ensure that cockles stayed toasty warm…

It was a jam-packed weekend with the main event on Saturday night – a medieval Banquet. Hurrah! As has been the case of winter camp’s of late, we had an excellent number of scouts come along, all of whom got stuck into every activity and made it thoroughly enjoyable!

A MAHOOSIVE thank you to Chris and all the team who looked after us!

Activities Banquet Hike

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