Winter Camp 2018

Winter Camp 2018

Quantock Lodge

Wow. This was winter camp XL; our biggest winter camp ever with a coach, minibus and 2 cars required to transport everyone down to glorious Somerset.

The whole weekend was summarised by adaptability, in the face of crisis Alexis kept his cool (apart from the Wolf episode) and expertly steered the HMS winter camp to a resounding success. Despite Dave’s best ‘fiddling’, problems at our planned venue meant we had to think fast! A massive thanks to Quantock Lodge for saving the day by providing us with AMAZING facilities to use at the last minute!

Fast forward to Saturday and it was business as usual, with a hike under our belts we settled down for an evening of Chinese themed antics – with all the food!

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Matt’s dead spooked by the Camelia Theatre. According to the school’s alumni website: The classically-designed Camelia Theatre, venue for many a Quantock School performance, was next to the junior teaching blocks and overlooking the interior gardens near the old building.

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No expense spared on the tripod…

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Successfully creating the illusion of hair…
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He’s disappointed that having set out to find a flag, the best he could do was find a pole

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