Winter Camp 2015

Winter Camp 2015

Our old favourite of the rustic lodge has changed very little over the previous four or five years since we went there last. In fact, it was lovely to see it being used by a lot of people – as opposed to the select few that went last time.

The lodge itself is great, wood everywhere, if they could have found a wooden fridge then i’m sure they’d have hunted one out. We made full use of the place – big fires and freezing bedrooms, were lasting impressions. The leaders were this time wise enough not to use a certain bedroom, instead making sure the hardier boys got it, they coped better than us!

Sadly not as much snow this time round, but not to be perturbed we still had it cold. Activities were archery, climbing (thankfully indoors) and something brand new to everyone…

…axe and knife throwing. Which, as quoted by one leader, is harder than it looks strangely. Just pretend it someone you hate – worked for me!!

Daisy’s barn dance filled a hungry gap where a slight ‘cooking issue’ was being sorted out.No one noticed, the end result was fabulous despite the fact that Mike did not buy enough fruit cocktail. Fair play to all the Scouts for all entering with full ‘gusto’ into the barn dancing, in such a small place too!

For me, trying to dance, in front of a log fire and dressed head to toe in a full parrot outfit is rather tiring…

 …but not as funny as walking through the games room in full parrot outfit without any of the Scouts batting an eye lid. Priceless.

Swimming on Sunday was a hired out pool for our own exclusive use.Except the pool in question tried to deny Alexis’s 3 phone calls, luckily they had space and in we dived, complete with inflatable – which for the majority of the Scouts were ‘allegedly’ too big for. Didn’t seem to stop them though. A bevvy of investitures interrupted proceedings before the last 15 minutes of watery mayhem. 

Thank you to one and all for an excellent adventure!


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