Winter Camp 2014

Winter Camp 2014

Youlbury Scout Centre


Winter Camp 14 Logo Friday 31st January


Sunday 2nd February


It had been the wettest January on record, floods and chaos across the UK and 62nd were planning to go away during the very middle of it. As our usual standard goes though the winter cmap was again blessed with glorious weather. OK so it wasn’t Malta style temperatures, in fact it was freezing, but the sun shone and the weekend was absolutely lovely.

 Youlbury provided us with some excellent activities, including one that no one appeared to have done before – the 3G swing. Screams echoed around David Cameron’s West Oxfordshire constituency, unsettling the monks in the priory next door.

 Our accommodation was the Gulf, clearly an ex-temporary classroom, with the usual thunderous floors and wafer thin walls. However, the warmth, ruggedness and cosiness proved appealing to everyone as did the fetching kitchen-diner. The brand new spanking Centenary building across the quad had big glass windows, we were very much like the paupers ogling through the windows at the posh kids next door.

 Activities  Bugsy Malone

 photo WinterCamp2014312_zps8cd18ec2.jpg photo WinterCamp2014319_zps767e2298.jpg photo WinterCamp2014315_zps655cad07.jpg photo WinterCamp2014313_zps88605a1b.jpg  photo IMG_0474_zpsfa9fce04.jpg  photo WinterCamp2014294_zps4db05613.jpg photo WinterCamp2014292_zps6de75f4d.jpg photo WinterCamp2014295_zps537971fc.jpg photo WinterCamp2014310_zpsc242e1e6.jpg photo WinterCamp2014308_zpsab515bd2.jpg photo WinterCamp2014304_zps14ee14b9.jpg photo WinterCamp2014301_zps477235b6.jpg photo WinterCamp2014311_zps491a4e27.jpg photo WinterCamp2014299_zps5ffc3704.jpg photo WinterCamp2014221i_zps3b850589.jpg photo WinterCamp2014219i_zpsefd52e09.jpg photo WinterCamp2014216i_zpsf4178526.jpg photo WinterCamp2014223i_zpscc196bed.jpg photo WinterCamp2014227i_zps8b9d3869.jpg photo WinterCamp2014155_zps82e82115.jpg photo WinterCamp2014290i_zps434987cc.jpg

Planned activities:
3G Swing Rifle Shooting
Zip Wire Crate Stacking
Plus other wintery wonders…  
Accommodation is in the Gulf building: dormitories, beds and proper toilets.