Winter Camp 2009


Winter Camp 2009


Winter Camp VI: The Rustic Lodge

Friday 13th February until Monday 16th February 2009

 Yha Camping Barn, Northcombe Farm, Near Dulverton

(via Exeter) 

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62nd Bristol Scout Troop Presents:   Winter Camp 2009 In association with YHA Camping Barns and Northcombe Farm, Dulverton. Director of Activities: Mill Adventure Centre:featuring the “biggest indoor climbing wall in Devon” And introducing: South Molton Swimming Pool Guest  Starring: Exmoor Based on an original idea by: 62 nd Bristol

 Despite over 10 000 people descending on Bristol Rugby Club the same night as our departure it went off without a hitch, all Scouts accounted for and so we hit the road.

 An accident had virtually closed the road going northbound on the M5 so we considered ourselves lucky that our side was unaffected. We got to Tiverton in good time and set off for Dulverton. We busied ourselves with admiring the scenery, ‘ooo’ don’t remember this lovely bridge quipped one leader…

 …after a small diversion, 35 miles to be exact and yes we saw that same bridge from both angles, we returned from Exeter and set about finding Dulverton instead. An hour late the oven was warmed for fish-finger sandwiches.

 Before Nathalie comments, I’m sure something must have gone wrong in Belgium…

 Saturday saw a lack of Valentines cards to which everyone dutifully ignored as we were all in the same boat. Copious amounts of snow was still pitched outside and a hike through was in the offing. We didn’t exactly walk that far, in fact one Scout observed it was too short, and half of it was closed due to fallen trees. The hike up the remarkably steep and narrow road at the end was enjoyable though, especially the bits where you really did have to climb up the bank to avoid the odd passing 4×4 (they really do need them out there!)

 Saturday evening brought about the most bizarre and and probably the most enjoyable night ever on a 62nd camp. The barn dance involved everyone and despite some rather unfair sympathy votes (despicable) the best team one in the end!

The pre-visit, Investitures and a little walk in the snow: