Wednesday summer of sports

During 3 consecutive weeks in June, the Wednesday troop have been making the most of the nice evenings by (mostly!) getting out and about to do some sporty and adventurous activities!

Wimbledon Wednesday

To get the ball rolling on our 3 weeks of sport, we headed to the Ardagh tennis courts – strawberries and cream were optional. Some excellent tennis played by all, with Kat finding her new love as a tennis coach for those who hadn’t really played before!

We soon discovered that scouts a rubbish at around the world, so as the courts started to clear groups went off to play some doubles. It was a joyous moment when a real, branded tennis ball was discovered – for some reason the scouts didn’t think much of our dog toy tennis balls…

 photo IMG_8015_zpsbiwdugfa.jpg
 photo IMG_8020_zpspczlfg6u.jpg
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 photo IMG_8084_zpsgcj3xf86.jpg
 photo IMG_8089_zpsm2rbjxrf.jpg
 photo IMG_8095_zpsztixdzcx.jpg


Ultimate Frisbee

Following the success of ultimate Frisbee last year, Andy (ultimate Frisbee player for Exeter) kindly gave up another evening to come and show/remind the troop how to play! We started by learning the technique, so by the time we got onto playing games the frisbees went in mostly the right direction! We finished with a chaotic but excellent game with the whole troop on one massive pitch, and it was great to see everyone getting involved. We’ll definitely be taking this one on camp!

 photo IMG_8100_zpsf0ejmhto.jpg
 photo IMG_8103_zpsgsxsykxx.jpg
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 photo IMG_8192_zpsc19lhrrd.jpg



For this term’s adventurous activity, we went to Undercover Rock, where the scouts got to scale as many of the old church walls as they could! They were climbing alongside some very serious climbing bods, who managed to glide up the walls in spider-like fashion, and whilst the scouts may not have been quite as nimble, they got up almost every wall they attempted! We finished in the bouldering area, where some even managed to scale the overhangs.

In a 62nd first, the leaders refrained from gravitating towards the cafe, not sure what came over us!

 photo IMG_8198_zps5hxuv7t9.jpg
 photo IMG_8205_zpssmt6web5.jpg
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