Wednesday Miscellaneous 2018

Tinned food: product investigation.

The scouts had a range of what can only be described as heavenly canned food to sample, with all important factors such as appearance, texture, taste, and the likelihood they would recommend the food to their gran – all very important criteria in the world of product testing. The deserving winner was the tinned English breakfast, featuring baked beans, mushrooms, scotch-egg type things, and balls of the indeterminable meat variety! Close runners up were the tinned burgers in ‘onion’ gravy, and of course the Toby Rice pudding made an appearance…

 photo 20180124_201500_zpsii0yiasf.jpg
 photo 20180124_201450_zpszqkfiv4y.jpg
 photo 20180124_201439_zpsctv2hglk.jpg
 photo 20180124_201435_zpsj8emaeh5.jpg
 photo 20180124_210710_zpsj6ordoaw.jpg

The Nick & Toby Show: the last hurrah

So Nick and Toby have an excuse to embarrass themselves on stage, we had another Karaoke night, this year with a music theatre theme! With a key member of the show moving away in the not so distant future, the Nick and Toby show will take a short hiatus, but will be back in due course. The finale of the night involved a now infamous parachute-come-costume, and a troop rendition of ‘any dream will do’!

 photo IMG_7825_zpsxbvyhkiu.jpg

 photo IMG_7837_zpsvxn3kmwl.jpg
A rendition of Grease’s summer nights captivated audiences far and wide…

 photo IMG_7839_zpsc9oekmdq.jpg
 photo IMG_7842_zps933rgsrc.jpg
 photo IMG_7856_zpsezmxcd5z.jpg
 photo IMG_7879_zpslwszopyi.jpg
 photo IMG_7881_zps7fdvotee.jpg
 photo IMG_7885_zpssoec0xjs.jpg
 photo IMG_7888_zpswnyptpdd.jpg
 photo IMG_7889_zpsee2qrj2a.jpg
 photo IMG_7895_zpscxe5fxlb.jpg


Ready, steady, cook!

The challenge: make a delicious dinner from a pile of mystery ingredients. Amazingly, they even looked edible! Once all had been ready-steady packed away, we also had time for a ready-steady investiture. Welcome to the troop Ruth!

 photo IMG_8600_zpsfhn0miou.jpg
 photo IMG_8602_zpsbdilfiwy.jpg
 photo IMG_8603_zpsy0vgie8n.jpg
 photo IMG_8606_zpsz1ahuy9z.jpg
 photo IMG_8607_zpskixfle3q.jpg
 photo IMG_8608_zpsqhig0msn.jpg
 photo IMG_8609_zpsgefop9yl.jpg
 photo IMG_8611_zpsjtqwjiid.jpg
 photo IMG_8613_zps3tq07uyg.jpg
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 photo IMG_8620_zpsfntsfui2.jpg
 photo IMG_8623_zps0bfr9h1g.jpg
 photo IMG_8625_zpsmvr8pxue.jpg


Scrap Store Prom

Bin bag fashion was taken to the next level in our first scrap store prom! As well as making themselves look a million dollars, the troop also then had to strut their stuff, showing off their marvellous creations!

 photo IMG_8650_zps8vtqs1x6.jpg
 photo IMG_8651_zpsiweaddq1.jpg
 photo IMG_8653_zpscjlwjvvb.jpg
 photo IMG_8656_zpsaxhcrn7g.jpg
 photo IMG_8662_zpsmr3uevq5.jpg
 photo IMG_8664_zpsyeuh0xd2.jpg
 photo IMG_8666_zps6xebqtsq.jpg
 photo IMG_8677_zps3o6raz8b.jpg
 photo IMG_8681_zpsoazloqjl.jpg
 photo IMG_8686_zpsgetcs04q.jpg
 photo IMG_8690_zpsb5ycr66m.jpg
 photo IMG_8696_zpstyjtm2kz.jpg
 photo IMG_8701_zpslbtrvcsb.jpg
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