Velodrome 2013

Wales National Velodrome

Sunday 23rd June 2013

It was where Team GB and Paralympics GB trained last year for the Olympics, a fully sized functioning velodrome and it was all ours for a whole 2 hours. Walking through the tunnels with our bikes and up the ramp into the arena first to strike you was the sheer scale of the banking at either end of the track – from our angle very nearly vertical.

 ..Having not overcome that shock, the next challenge was to master the bikes: one gear, no brakes and feet tied onto the peddles. Only a few fell over…

The fear on most faces was very clear to see! A few others took to it instanly and progressed up the bank, nearly to the top, providing a heart stopping moment amongst others in the arena. A couple took dramatic tumbles, thankfully only a few scrapes to show for it. A good slide down the banking for one though.

An excellent morning. We must return, if only to let poor Nick have a go!


 photo Velodrome20131i_zpsd3360c49.jpg photo Velodrome201333i_zps60673ccb.jpg photo Velodrome201389_zpse0dd3415.jpg photo Velodrome201390_zps81b99303.jpg photo Velodrome2013148i_zpsf91fd6aa.jpg photo Velodrome2013155i_zps5de335b0.jpg photo Velodrome2013157i_zpsa656407b.jpg photo Velodrome2013186_zps9f0272d5.jpg photo Velodrome2013189i_zps2fe6cbad.jpg photo Velodrome2013207i_zps7813d56b.jpg photo Velodrome2013218i_zps9183bb7b.jpg photo Velodrome2013221i_zps0437c6a4.jpg photo Velodrome2013242i_zps7e264c22.jpg photo Velodrome2013245i_zpsbef38e9e.jpg photo Velodrome2013252i_zpsffbcefe4.jpg photo Velodrome2013260i_zps79c568a6.jpg photo Velodrome2013270i_zpsebac3b44.jpg photo Velodrome2013272i_zps9b6cf36a.jpg photo Velodrome2013296i_zpsa76fa98e.jpg photo Velodrome2013306i_zps3dd9f559.jpg photo Velodrome2013313i_zpsa8d618ee.jpg photo Velodrome2013324i_zpsbb1b6f46.jpg photo Velodrome2013345i_zps44613cec.jpg photo Velodrome2013352i_zpsdb73bd13.jpg photo Velodrome2013379i_zps5f45a8f6.jpg photo Velodrome2013396i_zpsc189dca2.jpg photo Velodrome2013400i_zps6dc2c728.jpg photo Velodrome2013404i_zpsc0feb6f3.jpg photo Velodrome2013410i_zps2b7c580f.jpg photo Velodrome2013421i_zpsbd6af28f.jpg photo Velodrome2013425i_zps46595756.jpg photo Velodrome2013445i_zps76c0636c.jpg photo Velodrome2013447i_zpsa0ab5338.jpg photo Velodrome2013455i_zps135d75b0.jpg photo Velodrome2013502i_zpsd24c5180.jpg





 photo Velodrome2013Nick3_zps27ff95b5.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick4i_zpsc79f8a3e.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick5i_zps02aa3e8c.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick9i_zpsb88a5464.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick10i_zps35e1c002.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick13_zps32c43fa4.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick17i_zps94d55621.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick42i_zpscfdc5cb6.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick58_zps72849b0c.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick62i_zps205b9d74.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick64_zps54e50240.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick73i_zpsc5a2f5a9.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick75i_zps8a171604.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick78_zps99b1297b.jpg photo Velodrome2013Nick81_zps7524e74b.jpg