Ton Of Fun 2007


Ton of Fun 2007



Centenary County Camp ~ Woodhouse Park

62nd Scouts are known for their endurance in unexpected circumstances. Tipped over lorries of cooking oil, the hottest ever UK weather, localised torrential thunderstorms when everone else is basking in sunshine, 24 hour coach journey, we have had our fair share…

Then along came the Ton of Fun.

We did all enjoy ourselves none the less and no one went home early despite what was quite literaly thrown at us!! See the photos below…


 photo TonofFun071_zps62dde069.jpg photo TonofFun074_zpsbf8c6abd.jpg photo TonofFun075_zps59ee58f3.jpg photo TonofFun076_zps6ac3bc25.jpg

Being interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol


 photo TonofFun078_zpsfda00ff9.jpg photo TonofFun0710_zpsf0021076.jpg photo TonofFun0712_zpsb0b5a0a2.jpg photo TonofFun0714_zps58b7a511.jpg photo TonofFun0717_zpsc76d2159.jpg photo TonofFun0719_zps9de513bd.jpg photo TonofFun0721_zps03e2e6ca.jpg photo TonofFun0722_zpse134491a.jpg

Never ones to miss an advertising opportunity


 photo TonofFun0724_zps8f468965.jpg photo TonofFun0728_zpsd78f9702.jpg

This photo made it to the National Scouting Magazine


 photo TonofFun0729_zps0a9c69b3.jpg photo TonofFun0730_zps3d708dfe.jpg photo TonofFun0733_zps573b94e2.jpg photo TonofFun0739_zps729004ac.jpg photo TonofFun0741_zps7efaeff0.jpg photo TonofFun0745_zps3ebe9ae6.jpg

Our marquee took a hammering in the wind


 photo TonofFun0748_zps23580e81.jpg photo TonofFun0749_zpsdf07d0fc.jpg photo TonofFun0750_zps793ecd7c.jpg photo TonofFun0756_zps51e99aac.jpg photo TonofFun0758_zpsbc48b57d.jpg photo TonofFun0761_zps0d56f1e5.jpg photo TonofFun0762_zpse969b69e.jpg photo TonofFun0764_zps6c0bf644.jpg photo TonofFun0768_zps010d4b7b.jpg photo TonofFun0772_zps0159d17d.jpg photo TonofFun0777Ver1i_zpse736108a.jpg photo TonofFun0779_zps4c102d82.jpg photo TonofFun0780_zps39fed307.jpg photo TonofFun0770ver1_zpsc94bd9a8.jpg photo TonofFun0769ver1_zpsd669084a.jpg photo TonofFun07ver1_zps977367a7.jpg