Takeshi’s Castle Wednesday

Due to England deciding to rudely schedule their semi-final match for our scout night, the last week of term was an ingenious combination of the Takeshi’s Castle and wet nights, resulting in a lot of mess and water!

To warm up (or cool down if you got gunged), teams had to support a bowl of gunge using just their feet, and as hoped, much mess ensued! Then it was on to the mega assault course, which included:

  • Cargo net of nettiness
  • Yucky alley, complete with spaghetti hoops, mushy peas, and brown sauce
  • Dictionary corner
  • The tunnel of terror
  • An eggcellent surprise
  • Slip and slide

Like true troopers, all the contestants rose to the challenge to successfully beat the course, even if they did finish quite literally with an egg on their face…

It was finally time to storm the castle, where each scout was given a tissue paper disc, and the leaders, armed with water guns, had to try and soak the paper so that the disc broke. Much to our dismay, some discs remained unbroken when time was up!

The night also marked the end of an era, as it was to be the final night for the original Wednesday gang. They were the lovely lot who 4 years ago joined the brand spanking new Wednesday troop, and have contributed so much over that time to make the troop what it is today. We really will miss you guys!

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