Surfing 2018

From the Surf Camp 2015 report:

we’re pretty much now close to being maxed out”

Pah! 49 people was nothing…

A whopping 67 of us (a surf camp record!) headed down to Polzeath for the 18th annual instalment of the almost ridiculously popular surf camp! We were only 2 people off this being our biggest ever camp, with Winter Camp 2018 just sneaking ahead where we had 68 people in total. However there were still enough of us to fill a coach, a minibus, a wagon of dreams and a red Vauxhall – that’s like LOADS of people!

Having spent the Friday surfing and relaxing catching and battering the fish fingers and generally working their socks off ahead of the main rabble arriving, the advance party were quite horrified at the number of scouts that kept on appearing through the door expecting a tasty fishy sandwich! We also learned that 44 chicken dippers is no substitute for 210 fish fingers…

Having nearly used all the surfboards in Cornwall last year, we did wonder how we could possibly find enough kit for everybody, but the ever-wonderful Surf’s Up had it all under control, with 7 groovy-shirted groups, and a special Bagpuss group for Catrin!

This year saw the return of the Hawaiian theme, where there were flowery shirts a’plenty, hula skirts and even the occasional coconut… garment. Saturday evening’s fun and games began with an epic limbo competition, where we discovered Elsa’s answer to ‘how low can you go?’ is really, really low. She celebrated her prestigious victory in style, by doing one final limbo on the beach on Sunday! We were also treated to the 1961 hit film (probably), Blue Hawaii, starring Elvis himself. The bottom line is it’s a film that is very of it’s time in many ways, but in others felt brand spanking new…

Despite us going down a couple of weeks later than usual, we were blessed with beautiful sunshine and superb surf – the first time in a while! This helped keep spirits high and not too cold both in and out the water, and by the end of the Sunday session, surfers new and old were looking the real deal on their boards. We also had our fair share of happy salmons and baby sharks (do-do-do-do-do-do) throughout the weekend.

Lessons learned:
– Worm wars are definitely not all they’re hyped up to be
– Don’t poke Mike before 9.00am on Sundays
– Supermarkets in Cornwall can in fact run out of Cornish pasties (?!)
– There isn’t a mystery pie!!

Nine Ashes & Hawaiian Party Investitures The Surf!

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