Surfing 2012

Surfing 2012

Year 12, and the biggest surf trip to date. 40 people trundled down a busy m5 motorway arriving late Friday night at Nine Ashes Campsite, just outside Bodmin. Nine Ashes have finally sorted some of their rooms with nice beds and carpets, consequently more space than first thought was available. Saturday morning this year did not feature a tip to the amusing Porteath Bee museum, much to the genuine sadness of those that had been before. Instead, a walk around the campsite was the filler before everyone headed down the the beach for the first session of the weekend.

As soon as the wetsuits were brought out, cue the rain. Only a shower but the temperature had taken a plummet. Whingeing Scouts the end result.

 Saturday evening was possibly the longest ever time taken to cook a meal, over two hours for a few fish and chips. Rather nice though. A new night wide game has to be abandoned due to some lovely Explorers who managed to camp slap bang in the middle of a very large field. Being they were on an expedition and needed sleep, we let them off and moved into the woods for the customary game of German spotlight, where Dylan and Nick spend the whole time cheating…

Sunday was a whole new experience.


 The usual, standard affair is drizzly rain, rubbish for photo taking. However, this year we actually managed some gorgeous photos towards the end of the session. A few leaders have begun the slow decline to old age by not surfing on the Sunday morning, good on Dan, Nick and Matt for keeping the youthful light shining! Don’t believe the others excuses…

Many thanks yet again Surfs up Surf School, Polzeath for another excellent weekend with brilliant instructors.

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The getting ready!

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Day 1

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Day 2

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Waterproof camera 


Over the weekend: