Surfing 2009

Surfing 2009

 In a change to the previous 8 years we headed south on Friday night instead of early Saturday, after a restless first night the result was we had time for a look around the world famous Porteath Bee Centre, near Polzeath.

The surf on saturday was good, the weather was even better! Sadly, we had our first hospital trip in 9 years with a broken finger. Sunday was a little grey and overcast and a tad rushed. The leaders realising rather horribly why alarm clocks were invented.

 Still, we made it down to the beach almost on time.

Click below for photos of our surfers. Goto Surfs up photos and find 10th October 2-4 session and 11th October 10-12 session.

Sadly, the weather on the Sunday made it hard for our cameras to take any photos. So as you scroll down apologies for the lack of surfing photos!