Surfing 2008


Surfing 2008

Leaders were wusses, except brave Dan of course… The Scouts whinged a little, but mostly just got on with it cold, waves, wind and all.

We arrived in plenty of time and with a hint of sun ran majestically into the surf, Baywatch style. After a fish and chip supper the campsite we had hired out turned strangely into Hawaii, complete with grass skirts and coconut boobs. Gorgeous punch as well!

As Nine Ashes has a rather excellent tree house we used it again for a few games of manhunt. Scouts were useless, Leaders victory we think… Despite one of the Scouts deciding to moo like a cow before bed the night passed peacefully and we headed off back to the beach for another surf the next day. (Except Dave, cos he was left behind!)

Sea was chillier on the Sunday, but as a warm shower beckoned at the end, most Scouts didn’t care. However, the showers were freezing cold for the first time in 8 years. Was it just coincidence that most of the leaders, except brave Dan, had wimped out!?

We finished off a great weekend with four investitures in a lovely little cove thing bit on Polzeath beach, surrounded by big cliffs and the sound of the waves…

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