Surfing 2005


Surfing 2005

14 Scouts…

2 days…

1 supurb Surf School…

The FIFTH annual surf trip to Polzeath, Cornwall, was again a HUGE success. Thank you to Surfs Up! Surf School for their excellent instruction, patience and friendliness in getting us all surfing and (most of) us all standing up!!

See the photo’s for the action.


On Saturday we all got up nice and early to depart Bristol . It was about 9:00 am and we were all pretty tired before we even left! As always, there were two mini busses, Clive’s and rays and it was always a challenge to see who got there and back the fastest! When we got there it was about 1:00 and we went straight to the beach. We didn’t waste any time as we went to get our wetsuits on straight away! After we all got changed, we split up into three groups, the green team, the blue team and the gold team! (Gold was the best!!) It was a hike of its own just getting to the sea! When we did eventually get there we warmed up, reminded ourselves how to surf and got straight into the sea to do some surfing!!

Everyone in the Gold group got standing up in there first session and some of the others from the other group also got standing. Tom also managed to stand on a weaver fish and his foot swelled up. When we got out of the sea, we went up to the shower block to get changed and to have a shower! When everyone was changed and happy we got back into the mini busses to go to the hut which we were staying in.

The hut was Farley big and all the scouts had thrills with the white board there! (well, the green board now!) The boys had their own hut outside which was big, the leaders slept in the hall, the girls slept in a small side room and Aled and I slept outside in out cold, lonely tents. We had fish and chips for tea and orange squash. At about 8:30 we all played a wide game of German spotlight and no one had the slightest chance with mikes torch! And Clare was pretty poor at hiding with her florescent green torch!

After the wide game we all went inside for another game of wink murder and the over the top deaths really were over the top! Bed time was about 10:15 and lights out was at 10:45 . I personally didn’t sleep well at all but as far as I know all the others did.

On Sunday morning we woke up at 7 am and started packing up and tiding up the hall. There was sausage and bread rolls for breakfast and some how we had about 20 extra sausages! We left for the beach at about 9 and arrived there shortly after. Again, we all got changed and got into two groups (Rays and Clives.) In the sea we had about 30 minuets surfing then we did some tricks which only a handful of people managed to do, including me! After the mornings surf we all went to get changed and showered then got into the mini bus for the journey home. We had lunch on the way home and got there at about 6.

It was a brilliant weekend and again, thanks to all the leaders for everything!!!

By (George)

Surfing 05 ~ My First Attempt!
On Saturday morning, we loaded our bags in the minibuses and then started on the four hour journey to Polzeath. The weather wasn’t fantastic but it didn’t stop me from being excited since it was my first go at surfing. We changed into our trunks and then put wetsuits on and had our first lesson. We were taught the basics like safety, how to stand on it and so on. It was great and I was sad when the session was over because we had to have a shower. They were nice though, really hot. After, we returned to Nine Ashes camp site where we were staying and had some great fish and chips for tea !!
Sunday came and the weather was still miserable but I looked forward to my final lesson. Surfing looks easy on TV

but it’s quite difficult in real life. I managed to stand up properly twice on the surf board which I’m proud of and can’t wait to surf again. We arrived back in Bristol around 6.00 pm and went home.
Big thanks to all the leaders who arranged the trip and came with us. It was cool !!!!!