Surf Camp 2019 – Surfing

Some photos from our glorious Sunday surf session…


We had a great time at surf camp this October.

The best bit was the surfing lessons but we also enjoyed:-

-the themed/movie night
-fish and chip tea
-games in the woods
-and having free time in Polzeath with friends

Overall surf camp was a great experience and we all appreciated the posh 5* coach this year!! ??

Friday Scout

If you like surfing or you’ve never been surfing before and you like the idea, then this is the camp for you.

The instructors are very friendly & knowledgeable and know how to teach properly and you get a lot of independence.

The camp is 2 days long and each day you do 2 hours of surfing. After that, you go to the village next to the beach and you can spend your money on ice cream.

On Saturday, at night it is movie night. You usually watch a movie related to the theme of the camp, e.g. if it is space themed you would watch a space film. It is also games night and you play night games outdoors in the dark. It is very exciting!

In my opinion, my favourite part about the trip was the surfing because I learnt how to surf, and how to avoid common mistakes. Standing up on the surfboard is always fun and learning to surf is a great skill to have. I have been to the camp three times and I have thoroughly enjoyed each time.

Another Friday Scout