Taskmaster Summer Camp 2019

Our last full day on site saw the patrols completing messy, baffling and downright ridiculous tasks for their Taskmsters! Inspired by the TV series, the groups went around to one of the Taskmasters dotted around the site to receive their challenge…

Tasks included:

  • Conceal a pineapple somewhere on your person
  • Score as many points as you can
  • Complete the 5 syllable word – if you get it wrong you will be gunged!
  • Cook and eat a pancake with the whole patrol holding hands. One member must have as many kitchen items placed in their necker-headband as possible – the most items left in at the end wins!

One group was tasked with having a strike against Mike, ‘Down with Mike, Down with Mike!’ could be heard across the campsite for the remainder of the day…

The finale saw teams having to complete a messy assault course in exactly 5 minutes whilst keeping one team member completely clean and dry. Unfortunately those being protected acted as mess and water magnets and finished the course far from clean or dry, apart from the sneaky individual who was hidden in plain sight, winning his team points and mega Kudos!