Summer Camp 2015

Summer Camp 2015



All the news about our summer trip in 2015…

 Saturday 8th August 2015 until Saturday 15th August 2015

Travelled this year to the stunning (and surprisingly undamp) North West Wales, near Caernafon.

 Plenty of castles to bore you with, of which we visited the best one. For the slightly more adventurous we braved the very best underground cave system of a big trampoline netty thing – probably the absolute best adventure we’ve ever have!! That was until we all popped out for a speedboat trip up the Menai Straits – awesome! So many Scouts and leaders were simply buzing and bouncing after that one!

 A fab week of camping – cooking lots of mushrooms on fires, sawing wood, chatting till late into the night with your mates until the leaders got cross… etc. etc.

 …and of course to get your Gold Scout Award, a camp like this will have earnt key bits – just by coming and surviving!

   photo SC 15 Bounce 28_zpsghz8e3um.jpg


Photos and Reports

Bounce Below



Gorge Walking Bake-off


Dizzy Olympics Caernarfon



A stop off to the village with the very long name:  photo summer camp 2015 125 i_zpsgc8oqfsi.jpg photo SC 15 Long Place 3 i_zpswstgjtyl.jpg

Nice place for a photo!

 photo SC 15 Hike 79 i_zpsibfuhbko.jpg

  Scoutng Magazine Activities 

We had agreed to trial some activities for a Scouting Magazine feature. A ‘local’ photographer had even come up from Bath to take some pictures of us. These are our own piccies of the activities, proves we actually did them! 

 photo SC 15 SM 4_zpsr9sgwrdi.jpg photo SC 15 SM 6_zpspfcwt5k0.jpg photo SC 15 SM 10_zpsupxcgvib.jpg photo SC 15 SM 26_zpsacvpagpv.jpg photo SC 15 SM 31_zpsanjltxvm.jpg photo SC 15 SM 34_zpsjszs1ymd.jpg photo SC 15 SM 35_zpsw837giux.jpg photo SC 15 SM 37_zpsajvzidjr.jpg photo SC 15 SM 41_zpsfjiu1qlq.jpg photo SC 15 SM 42_zpsavlwrnbk.jpg photo SC 15 SM 45_zpsaduzvtib.jpg photo SC 15 SM 47_zpsewvazruw.jpg photo SC 15 SM 49_zpseneti6bs.jpg photo SC 15 SM 53_zpsbv34fljw.jpg photo SC 15 SM 54_zpspsou5maf.jpg photo SC 15 SM 55_zpsgj4m597w.jpg photo SC 15 SM 58_zpskh327mrl.jpg photo SC 15 SM 60_zpsriwbopiw.jpg photo SC 15 SM 62_zps76pg8wgh.jpg photo SC 15 SM 64_zpsd4yriasv.jpg photo SC 15 SM 65_zpsisurtt6e.jpg photo SC 15 SM 69_zpsk7aubkyr.jpg photo SC 15 SM 95_zps441ck5k2.jpg photo SC 15 SM 96_zpszxihkapj.jpg photo SC 15 SM 111_zpsj7vlvzlu.jpg photo SC 15 SM 113_zpsg9wdue7l.jpg photo SC 15 SM 117_zpshskvpst4.jpg








 Last Year 2014:


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