Summer Camp 2014

Summer Camp 2014

Horner Woods, Somerset


Saturday 16th August until Saturday 23rd August 2014


Canoeing  Slackline


 Skate park 

Photos and reports

Paddle Boarding & Rafting

Archery Hike and Expedition Exmoor Zoo
Campsite River  

 photo SC14Campsite660_zpsf238226d.jpg

 photo SC14Campsite551_zpse890b6c0.jpg

It’s a sort of cross between Timotei and Platoon – Platei!


 As camps go this one rose to some leader’s top five camps of all time before the end of the week. Why?

 Weather was pretty good – ok not Maltese standard, or even Torbay 2003 style, but actually pretty good.

The location was stunning, if ever you need a backdrop, Horner’s your place.

Tea shop down the road, chunky sandwiches and lovely ice creams.

Activities well chosen – ok last minute in one case, but excellent choice none the less.


Most of all though? The company!


Scouts and older scouts rose to the challenge and were a fantastic group to spend a week with, Scouts did not complain, likewise the older Scouts provided entertainment and laughs galore.

 Thank you everyone! Please come next year!