Spaghetti 2008


Spaghetti Night 2008


The opening of the Scout evenings resulted in the leaders getting all Italian. The end product – as you would expect from Scout leaders was what you witness below.

As luck would have it the District Commissioner popped by on an impromtu visit, walking in just as several Scouts dived their feet into a bowl of spaghetti! Perfect timing!

Why feet in spaghetti!? Why not! Useful skill if you are ever in a life or death situation…





 photo Spaghetti08024_zps1bae56c5.jpg photo Spaghetti08008_zps4ac2340e.jpg photo Spaghetti08001_zpsc10fe35b.jpg photo Spaghetti08006_zpsd0a48fd9.jpg photo Spaghetti08025_zps6c63dc39.jpg  photo Spaghetti08023_zpsfe73602b.jpg photo Spaghetti08010_zpsd78a61cc.jpg photo Spaghetti08007_zps85d7aa0c.jpg photo Spaghetti08019_zps7c400a06.jpg photo Spaghetti08020_zps71a003de.jpg photo Spaghetti08013Ver1_zps8682a045.jpg

 photo Spaghetti08029i_zps1028aaee.jpg