Snowmageddon! 2009

Snowmageddon 2009

 Friday 6th February 2009

 It was the hardiest of Scouts that braved the temperatures to muck about in the snow on the field and build an igloo.

“Snowmaggeddon” is copyrighted to Mr D R Drew (who stole it from GWR).

It could well be the best Scout night I have ever had for a very long time, if not ever! The snow was a crisp solid clump which was thankfully not as wet as many had feared. Our beloved older Scouts were a bunch of wimps and spent most of it in the hut, warming by the fire. Mind you, most were wearing carpet slippers, jeans and t-shirts – us leaders however, came more than prepared. Mike managed to eclipse Clive by wearing 6 layers to his 5… And Daisy’s boots…

After scientific conclusion the best sledge ever invented is the old wooden variety with two metal runners – goes like, well, it’s pretty fast.

Despite our best design skills and hard graft the igloo build suffered from several problems:

  1. We ran out of time.
  2. It was structurly unsound due to the bottom bit being lighter than the top bit.
  3. Alexis ran out of snow to build bricks…
  4. The snow was not compacted enough to prove stable enough
  5. It was us building it…

Destruction was good fun though.