All the fun and drama from 62nd Scout sections in 2018

Miscellaneous 2018

Friday Edition

Kids V Saucepans; Fire Station; Tennis; Smart casual team building


Miscellaneous 2018

Wednesday Edition

Scrapstore Prom; Ready steady cook; The Nick and Toby Show ; Product testing

December 2018

Theatre Camp

Oh no it wasn’t…


November 2018

World War Evening

Don’t Panic!


October 2018


Quite the Hawaiian roller coaster ride…


October 2018




October 2018

International Cooking

Swedish cakes


September 2018

Pewsey Carnival

Hello Pewsey!


August 2018

Summer Camp

Heavy haulage meets Cornwall…


July 2018


Scouts take on Bristol


July 2018

Friday Takeshi’s Castle

Messy end of term fun…


July 2018

Wednesday troop Takeshi’s Castle and Wet night

Messy, watery, dictionary


July 2018

Friday Wet Night 2018

Guava & Watermelon special edition…


July 2018

Fairford Airshow

Flighty fun…


July 2018

Group BBQ

It came home…


June 2018

Mojo Active, Friday Troop

We found our Mojo


June 2018

Wednesday Sporty Summer

Such sport, much fun


May 2018


Big long boat


May 2018

Wednesday Troop Shelter Building

Escape to the country…


May 2018

Family Camp

River Dart Country Park


April 2018

Wednesday Expedition

The great Cotswold adventure

Hot, sunny, and lightning!


March 2018

Steel Drums

Friday Edition

Bing, bang, bong…


February 2018

Winter Camp

People aplenty…


January 2018

Strictly Synchro

Friday Edition

Blub, blub, blub, blub…