All the fun and drama from 62nd Scout sections in 2017 .

Miscellaneous 2017

Friday edition

 Pirate Walk; Big Games Night; Corporate Games; Pancake Night; Rationing; Swimathon for Alzheimer’s Society; Athletics with 77th; First Night Fun; One More Step; Senior Patrol Leader


Miscellaneous 2017

Wednesday edition

Steel Drums; Pancakes; Rationing; Bike maintenance; Drama night; Goodbye; Invasion games


Airhop 2017

Friday December 2017

7:15pm – 9:15pm

Test sign up page

October 2017

Halloween Wednesday



October 2017

Halloween Friday

“I’ve never been so messy…”


October 2017


Number 17


September 2017

Velodrome (and big bridge) 

High and fast!


August 2017



Our next big trip…


July 2017

Wet Night (Wednesday)

Slippy Slidey Foamy Woamy


July 2017

Wet Night (Friday)

Posh foam…


June 2017

Pl & APL Camp 2017

Phew! What a scorcher…


June 2017


 Fling it here… Fling it there…


April 2017

St George’s Day

District parade


May 2017

Alternative Summer Camp

Wheely good…


April 2017




April 2017

Look at it this way

Getting funky with cameras



April 2017

Cycle Fixing

 Friday edition


March 2017

Big Bang Fair

A Big Bang in Birmingham…


February 2017

Winter Camp



January 2017

Jolly Jangly Jam Jars

Your loose change turned into
invaluable group kit