Scout Troop Camps & Events 2007




Website tops 10 000 hits; Leigh Woods Walk


 December 2007



Scouts go bowling


November 2007

Scuba Diving


Scouts go under…


November 2007

Beating the Bounds


Scouts go at the coast with big sticks…


 November 2007

Live 07


How did it go!?


October 2007



The seventh annual freeze to death extravaganza!


September 2007

Brownsea Island


We descend on Brownsea Island (where the adventure began!)


August 2007



Scrupulously excellent…


August 2007

Scouting Sunrise


1st August 2007 and 62nd are up at sparrow-fart… Still, a camp with wall to wall sunshine at last!


July 2007



Scouts brave the elements… again


July 2007

Woodhouse Assault Course


Scouts wallow in the muddiest assault course in Bristol (we think).


July 2007

Malvern Challenge


We came 2nd!!!


May 2007



Scouts cook internationally


May 2007

Ton of Fun


Scouts get roasted, soaked and swept away…


April 2007

St George’s Day & Sleepover


Avon Scouts celebrate the Centenary St George’s Day in style


April 2007

Bath Hike


Scouts wander into Bath


February 2007

Winter Camp


Don’t jump Chris!


January 2007

Super Slob


Scouts get slobby…