Scout Troop Camps & Events 2009




Science night Wet Night Failand Hike (District Hike was cancelled, but we carried on regardless…)


November 2009

Cardboard Caving


Cardboard Caving comes to a fiery end…


November 2009

Pirate Walk


A short history of piratical Bristol


October 2009



Another year, another mess…


October 2009



Fun and frolics yet again down in Polzeath


September 2009

Skiing and Snowboarding


Scouts, Cubs & Explorers go snowboarding and skiing, in gorgeous weather!


August 2009

Summer Camp

A wild Summer Camp for Scouts


July 2009



The best assault course – ever!


June 2009


Scouts revisit a popular favourite


May 2009

Bank Holiday Madness


It was only meant to be fun…


May 2009

Tytherington Activities


Scouts spend a day in a quarry


April 2009

The Wedding


How many Scout Leaders!? How Smart!?


April 2009

Penn Wood Camp


Purely for the older Scout


April 2009



A slight surprise in the morning.


February 2009

Winter Camp VI: The Rustic Lodge


Winter Camp 2009, full report and photos


February 2009



The heaviest snow in 30 odd years… and a dozen Scouts