Scouts @ 62nd

Wednesday troop: 19:30 – 21:00
Friday troop: 19:30 – 21:30

Leaders: Nick (Wednesday), Clive (Friday) Dave, Catrin, Freya, Mike, Rosie, Tina, Alexis, Dan E, Dan S, Toby, Jess plus Joel, Harry, Matt & Emily (Young Leaders) 


We have two thriving Scout Troops at 62nd. Each Scout Troop consists of small units of six to eight Scouts called a Patrol, led by a Patrol Leader. Outdoor activities feature prominently, with the highlight being various camps throughout the year.

Rock climbing, caving, gliding, photography and international experiences are just some of the things we get up to.

Past Camps 62nd Scout Troop

A hysterical record of everywhere we have ever been since 1999.

Sorry, historical.




Our summer Cornwall adventure

Thank you to all the Scouts and leaders who helped in
making this trip a great success. A gorgeous week packed
with lovely people and activities. Great photos and write
ups appearing on our website:

Upcoming Camps (See calendar for dates):

Panto Camp – December 2018: an overnighter to the
Yeovil panto, which we enjoyed so much last time. We
have pre-booked tickets so get your slip in today to ensure your place.
Winter Camp 2019– a lovely location in a real life castle. Sign up today!
Expedition – March 2019: if you are now one of the
older ones, then this will probably be for you. Look out
for information. It is crucial for you to complete an
expedition in order to achieve your Chief Scouts Award
Summer Camp – note: proposed dates only. We will confirm as soon as we know.
Please reply quickly once you have received the letter.

In other words: Patrol Leaders, their assistants and the highly
regarded Senior Patrol Leader (the one who stands out the front and gets everything organised!) These will be re-organised regularly, we look out for various qualities, people who:
• attend regularly
• get stuck in no matter what
• set a good example and are great fun
• get on well with the oldest Scout Leader and
youngest Scout
• looks super (ok, vaguely) smart each week
We decide all positions on everything we see from the
moment they join Scouts.


Which brings us on to say…
…thank you and farewell to all those Scouts who have
departed our doors over the Summer. Words are not enough!
You have continued the trend of being excellent leaders for
the other Scouts – joining in, providing banter, winding up the
leaders and generally being altogether brilliant. We really will
miss you! Enjoy Explorers: and if you ever want to be a Young
Leader – just shout out – we can find you somewhere.

Congratulations to Leah OR for succeeding Ian Taplin as
Senior Patrol Leader quite some time ago! However,
Leah will sadly be moving on. Which leads me to say
good luck and a fond farewell to Josh S and Emma R (Ian
and Alice) who have waved goodbye in the previous

The Wednesday troop waved a teary goodbye to the original
scouts that joined the brand new troop 4 years ago. They have 
never failed to put a smile on our faces, and their enthusiasm to
get involved in absolutely everything has always left
us in awe! We’ll miss you guys, and good luck with Explorers!

Good luck!

To Matthew Wood, Emily Wheeler, Ben Pritchard and
James Bennett, ex-62nd Scouts who are all off to Nepal
with Cabot Scouts. They are planning a Jungle Jamboree
with a local Scout group set up in previous visits. Have
fun – mind the bugs!


A reminder that subs are £35 per term. Great Value!