Pirate Walk 2009

Pirate Walk 2009

 The evening consisted of getting a sore throat by shouting “Arrr!” at every passer by, indeed some passers by even started it off! Pirate Pete is thoroughly recommended as the guide to find out all there is to know about Piratical Bristol. Well done to all the Scouts who turned out in fancy dress. Bethany’s beard was just sooo Piratey and as for Richard’s Parrot & wig and James’ green trousers, just where did you get them from!?

 The Scout leader looked the best though, and he was dressed as a Pirate…

A strange night, shrouded in fog, dressed in wig with parrot adorning one shoulder we strolled around the docks investigating the piratical history of Bristol. Did you know pirates were drowned by the tide outside the Arnolfini – 2 cannons act as bollards near Redcliffe caves – and a skeleton resides in an ex notorius piratical haunt The Ostrich!?

 The best bit was shouting “Arrr!” every so often to unsuspecting public and seeing their reactions… priceless.

And no I was not Russel Brand, Cher, Michael Jackson, Amy Whinehouse etc. etc. yes, yes very funny.

But Dave did look remarkably like Carstairs from ‘Allo Allo!’