Photography Camp 2019

Photography Camp 2019

Corsham / Lacock


In case you haven’t seen enough awesome and arty photos, here are some of the best shots from our day at Lacock yesterday on scorchio saturday, taken almost entirely by scouts! We spent the morning and early afternoon at Lacock abbey, strolling the lovely grounds and house, snapping some amazing photos along the way. The botanical gardens proved a popular spot for lots of interesting pictures, and a welcome shelter from the sun! Scouts were getting down low, looking up high and getting extremely technical with apertures, ISOs and shutter speeds! We then trundled into Lacock village for a much needed ice cream and splish in the ford! The evening was spent playing with glowsticks in the dark with long shutter speeds to create some groovy images!

Significantly-less-scorchio Sunday was spent getting creative with persepctive photography; imagine big cook little cook but in a field, with scouts, and without any cooking!

Well done to the lovely scouts that joined us this weekend – everyone got fully into the spirit of things and have some very professional photos to show for it!

Lacock Abbey and Village