Pewsey Carnival 2018

Pewsey Carnival 2018

Hello Pewsey!!

The weekend marked a 62nd first for a number of reasons; the first ever carnival camp, the first camp for years to feature less than 20 scouts, the first camp to have WAY more girls than boys, and the first camp without tuna!

We arrived at Milton Lilbourne (Medium-sized village of the year, don’t you know!) village hall on Friday night, and after Pizza and ibble-dibble-wibbling around, it was time to ‘sleep’, ready for the big day….

Saturday morning was spent reassembling the float, organising HUNDREDS of Lego cards, and making everyone look fabulous at the beautification-station. We also took some time to visit Pewsey in daylight (and a spot of drizzle!), where we visited the heritage museum and may have accidentally found a tea shop. We returned to the hut to add finishing touches to the float and costumes, and before we knew it it was time to go to the starting field for the procession!

Despite fears of our float becoming a literal float due to the forecast rain, we were met with only the smallest amount of drizzle at the start of the evening and remained almost entirely dry – phew! We set off with the procession towards the centre of Pewsey with the other hand-pulled floats, with the serious players in their tractors and lorries following on behind. We soon discovered that we were the only non-local float there, and made sure everyone knew it by singing campfire songs as loud as we could for most of the one and a half hours we were walking – bravo everyone! As usual, Murtle got many inquisitive looks, and we had to explain to onlookers that Teddybear Grylls WANTED to be in the cooking pot!

“Everywhere we go,
People always ask us,
Who’s that Meerkat?!
And where’s she come from?!”

A Mahoosive well done to all the hardy scouts who battled the elements throughout the weekend. After the leaders had their air beds kindly deflated on Sunday morning, we set off and had one last stop for lunch in Lacock before heading back to Bristol nice and early for once!

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