Penn Wood 2009

Penwood 2009

 The leaders were apprehensive to say the least. A weekend which the Scouts had to organise from transport to programme and everything in between. The fact that the boys managed to even think about their menu and kit list was the first impressive step that required celebration, being handed a bit of paper with it written down required a stiff drink.

 Lack of kit list would have resulted in bivouacking and no utensils to cook or eat with.

 Lack of menu would have resulted from selection from the Tins of Doom (Mwah ha ha ha)!

 What the Scouts didn’t realise is further challenges were planned with varying degrees of rewards – failure, was not an option…

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Got home from the older Scouts camp at Pennwood last night. Had to have a lie down in a dimly lit room with an ice pack on the forehead…


…The whole weekend was sunny.


I’ll repeat that.


…The whole weekend was sunny. Ok, so it was still flippin’ frezing overnight and early morning and late evening, but during the day it was actually quite pleasant! It was a shame that we had chosen a campsite very high on a hill and very exposed to the elements. A normal field in normaldom would probably been absolutely gorgeous, mustn’t grumble though, everything stayed dry. Can’t quite remember that feeling!? What shall I do with the next few days!? I don’t have tents to dry!?


Congratulations to the girls, who snuck in through the back door to win the weekend outright. Boys! What were you thinking of!? It was there for the taking, if only it wasn’t for that last half an hour…


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