Netherlands 2017

The Big 62nd Trip 2017


Friday 18th August until Saturday 26th August 2017

Sadly, we decided to cancel our trip to Slovakia and put it on hold until after things settle down due to Britain leaving the EU. In replacement, we are planning an exciting trip to Netherlands instead. Quite a bit closer and therefore costs a little more managable!

Downloads & updates:

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July 8th: Deadline for t-shirt forms return is Friday 14th July 2017. Deadline for passport and health form is Friday 21st July 2017.

June 25th: Final information letters now available.




Stand up Paddle Boarding

In the sea at Scheveningen, The Hague. Followed, or preceded by a day on a Dutch beach.


  Anne Frank’s House


  Whilst in Amsterdam we will visit Anne Frank’s House…

…and if you’ve never heard of Anne Frank – shame on you! Go and find out more now!


Bieslandse Bos Scout Campsite


We’ll be staying in the woods at Bieslandse Bos, near Pijnacker, just outside of Delft. It’ll be a full tent city, with onsite toilet and shower facilities.


Buyten Delft

At the end of our trip , after all the tents, well most of them, have come down. We’ll cycle towards the outskirts of Delft for a lazy day. Hopefully the sun will be out and we can relax after a busy week.

Buyten Delft is billed as a water playground, think beach but next to a lake…

…Whatever it is it’s very close by!







A whole day in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. As highlighted above we’ll be paying a visit to Anne Frank’s House. A boat trip around the world famous canals together with some free time around the shops and sights.


Drievliet Theme Park

Ok so it’s not Alton Towers, but it is within cycling distance.



Cycling, it’s the Dutch way!


Everyone in the Netherlands cycles. Cycle lanes are everywhere, so no scary tiny country lanes to contend with. We plan to pick up the bikes the day we arrive and cycle the last few miles to the campsite from Delft. We’ll have the bikes for the week.


Outdoor Valley


About 45 mins cycle away is Outdoor Valley. Apparently, they have an incredible assault course with over 100 obstacles. We have also booked a canoeing session.



Raft Building

You cannot go to the Netherlands without a spot of raft building on one of their canals!






Our nearest Dutch city is Delft. We’ll be cycling through and spending some time here to explore.


Scheveningen Beach


Hope for nice weather, a day on the beach. Near to The Hague, it’s a lovely Dutch beach!



The other information: 



One of the campsites in Bieslandse Bos.


Our accommodation for our stay in the Netherlands will be the Bieslandse Bos Scout Campsite in Pijnacker, near Delft. We will cart all our tents and equipment over the puddle from Harwich to the Hook of Holland and rough it for the week under canvas.

Toilets and showers, we are told, are on site. 


We plan to fly from Bristol Airport direct into Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. From there we will catch a train close to our campsite.


Accompanying us will be a van for all our kit, and to help us buy food once there.

Getting around  

This is where the adventure begins! Not a minibus in sight as we travel by bike, hike and public transport.

When in Rome…

Other information  

Passports will be required as will EHiC.


Includes everything but your pocket money.



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