Netherlands 2017

The Big 62nd Trip 2017


Friday 18th August until Saturday 26th August 2017

It was mega. 9 Days. 41 Scouts, leaders and Thomas’s, let loose in the Netherlands! Following a first few nights of rain, thunder and lightning, we were blessed with glorious Dutch sunshine for the rest of the trip, so we could really enjoy our canoeing, assault coursing, paddle boarding, and our day trip to Amsterdam to name just a few of the activities we got up to.

Scroll down for photos and reports for each day. Stay a while – have a gander at our wonderful snaps from a trip that will stay in all of our memories, and will surely go down as one of the greats…


We’re Off!

Everyone in the Netherlands cycles. Cycle lanes are everywhere, so no scary tiny country lanes to contend with. We picked up the bikes the day we arrive and cycled the last few miles to the campsite from Delft. We had the bikes for the week.

Photos and report – Day 1


Our nearest Dutch city is Delft. We cycled to a few times and spent plenty of time here exploring.

Photos and report – Day 2


An international competition, don’t you know

Photos and report – Day 2

Theme Park

A day spent at Drievliet theme park. Sugary theme park food + really intense rides = much illness…

Photos and report – Day 3

Outdoor Valley


Photos and report – Day 4

Scheveningen Beach

Catching gnarly waves and battling Dutch currents…

Photos and report – Day 5

Delftse Hout

Duvet day with a chilled lake visit

Photos and report – Day 6


A trip to the big city, to experience all the sights and smells…

Highlights included a boat tour and Anne Frank’s house

Photos and report – Day 7


We stayed in the woods at Bieslandse Bos, near Pijnacker, just outside of Delft, where we all became totally obsessed with the Dutch game ‘Kubb’


Photos and report – Days 8 and 9


We flew from Bristol to Schiphol and took over most of the plane. Each journey was followed or preceded by a lengthy cycle ride and train journey. We coped…