Miscelleneous 2017 Friday

Miscellaneous 2017

Pirate Walk; Big Games Night; Corporate Games; Rationing; Great Scoutish Bake off; Swimathon for Alzheimer’s Society; Athletics Evening; First Night Fun; One More Step; SPL


Pirate Pete’s Pirate walk

November 2017

Ahoy there! The Friday troop were treated to a marrrrvellous walk arrround the harbour from the legendary Pirate Pete, who gave us a fascinating and hilarious insight into Bristol’s pirate history, that involved talk of Bristol’s most famous pirate, Blackbeard, and 25 or so scouts piling into the hole in the wall, a perfect way to ruin peoples’ Friday evening! Note there was a purpose for this – so see the map Pirate Pete painted!

 photo IMG_6678_zpscguedxtv.jpg
 photo IMG_6670_zpsj3kln3ub.jpg
 photo IMG_6695_zpscvrztaxg.jpg
 photo IMG_6698_zps9itsl5l8.jpg
 photo IMG_6706_zpsvmnkd6q7.jpg
 photo IMG_6704_zpst8vkvjoi.jpg
 photo IMG_6652_zpsdttdegwg.jpg
 photo IMG_6655_zpsj2sb5c0x.jpg
 photo IMG_6634_zps5n0ux62b.jpg
 photo IMG_6636_zpsarh7z7so.jpg
 photo IMG_6628_zpsmwbxswrx.jpg
 photo IMG_6633_zpswbmx7apl.jpg
 photo IMG_6619_zpsdagdzmji.jpg
 photo IMG_6662_zpsnm3uztt7.jpg
 photo IMG_6637_zpstm7pxrpo.jpg
 photo IMG_6627_zps9x0t7zm1.jpg


Senior Patrol Leader

September 2017

Congratulations to our new Senior Patrol Leader!

 photo Leavers 2017 6_zpsfzpxdiwf.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 4_zpswdipzddu.jpg

One More Step… 2017

Always sad to say goodbye and this year again no different. Many happy memories from all our older Scouts who have departed in the last few months. Here are the ones who achieved their Chief Scouts Gold Award.

In the words of my very favourite childhood hymn, One More Step along the World you go!

 photo Leavers 2017 37_zps3ozxvrfo.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 32_zpsxaw3rels.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 31_zpsvkja8hzk.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 28_zpsgaaynsqo.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 25_zpswah3vusv.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 24_zpsc5nd9sxs.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 22_zps7eu8wtqb.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 20_zpso16vk566.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 18_zpsfgzaw1ba.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 15_zps2mwynati.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 14_zps5hnaws77.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 10_zpszpheaswn.jpg  photo Leavers 2017 9_zpsddcvyamu.jpg

First Night Fun

September 2017

A completely manic night – a gazillion new Scouts and host of team challenges, 11 Scouts returned to receive their Chief Scouts Gold Awards and…

…we did knots!

I know – crazy world!

However, Matt did get some brilliant photos:

 photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 45_zpss9tfpu7p.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 58_zpsownvie2n.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 61_zpsuwgskxal.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 65_zpsgrj7wsac.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 68_zpshqe0uis9.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 82_zps10pe2qr4.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 85_zpsoutueavy.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 86_zps2gf9xvzd.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 4_zpsmeppibxw.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 5_zpsyijeq5rl.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 6_zpsnkl64qfr.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 11_zpsodbrsy69.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 12_zpsiba0fqpn.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 13_zpskxsz9xny.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 14_zpsdtwdrq4e.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 20_zps0vgknhy6.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 22_zpsucbsciro.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 23_zpsiktsvm5p.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 29_zpsx9tsfbxy.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 30_zpsdbgxx3nm.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 36_zpsdexuhwvx.jpg  photo First Night Fun Sep 2017 39_zps6jzpxqre.jpg


Each July offers some sad farewells to some great Scouts. This year is no different, a large group departing Friday Troop will create a big hole and us leaders will be sad to see you all go.

The plus side is that you have all joined and grasped by the horns, the brand new Concorde Explorer Unit. Keep it up!

As we keep saying, your determination, enthusiasm, behaviour, enjoyment and most of all witty banter are what keep us leaders coming back for more.

Good luck and goodbye!

Athletics Evening

June 2017

The lovely people at 77th Clifton organised an athletics evening for themselves and us on a gorgeously sunny evening. We took over the Clifton College Sports field and jumped and ran…

 photo Athletics 2017 1_zpstkadzmkl.jpg  photo Athletics 2017 6_zps8bedavtg.jpg  photo Athletics 2017 8_zpsf9cngd4a.jpg  photo Athletics 2017 22_zpsggb1mdcy.jpg  photo Athletics 2017 30_zpskowlmlf7.jpg  photo Athletics 2017 33_zpswtzb4vpo.jpg  photo Athletics 2017 35_zpsmcv2ducl.jpg  photo Athletics 2017 40_zpsyqio71on.jpg  photo Athletics 2017 45_zpsh0805mod.jpg  photo Athletics 2017 47_zpsmr4gfvrf.jpg  photo Athletics 2017 52_zpsdp73dfjl.jpg  photo Athletics 2017 54_zpsg0fdt1h1.jpg >

Swimathon for Alzheimer’s Society

It was the fourth (and sadly, final) year for the Swimathon in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. In a last minute change of venue the excellent Dolphin Pool stepped in to provide us with 3 lanes. It was a scaled down event and besides the Grant family all the other teams were 62nd. All swam brilliantly with Team 1: of  youngsters Zach, Alex, Daniel, Matt BS and Zain swim into the 62nd record books with 131 lengths.

Team 2: 122

Team 3: 110

Nearly all teams beat the previous 62nd record of 111 (sorry team 3!)

Well done all and thank you very much. 62nd Bristol have raised over £1000 for Alzheimer’s over the 4 years – an excellent effort.

 photo Swimathon 2017 9_zpsgjnrpia5.jpg  photo Swimathon 2017 4_zpskmyfyexi.jpg  photo Swimathon 2017 3_zpscwi2fpmx.jpg >

The Great Scoutish Bake off

 Led by one of the Scouts, we held a Great Scoutish Bake off competition. Open fire, cooking and a little Highland fling, due to  a misread of the title..

 photo Great Scoutish Bake off 1_zpsqpuvnss6.jpg  photo Great Scoutish Bake off 8_zps77hb10b5.jpg  photo Great Scoutish Bake off 7_zpscggneuww.jpg  photo Great Scoutish Bake off 3_zps1v7qr1tg.jpg  photo Great Scoutish Bake off 4_zpso5efwdaq.jpg  photo Great Scoutish Bake off 6_zpszp9pmck9.jpg  photo Great Scoutish Bake off 5_zpsrjsipvu0.jpg  photo Great Scoutish Bake off 2_zpsvqdrjymy.jpg

Rationing March 2017

One of the Scouts expertly created an evening connected to WW2 rationing. It started with the declaration of war from Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and concluded with Winston Churchill announcing unconditional surrender. We also had plenty of entertaining Food Flashes throughout the evening. Scouts cooked carrot croquets but sadly n time for the potato floddies. Whilst they were cooked well, they were rather bland – general conclusion – we’re glad we didn’t have to survive rationing!(Especially when the sweet ration dropped half way through the night…)Thank you Josh – excellent evening!

 photo Rationing 2017 1_zpsnqfnbenp.jpg photo Rationing 2017 2_zpsu9pkefh4.jpg photo Rationing 2017 5_zpsttsftbkz.jpg photo Rationing 2017 8_zpsg5mdwzmu.jpg photo Rationing 2017 9_zpsgmea6kab.jpg photo Rationing 2017 11_zpsksmciqfi.jpg photo Rationing 2017 12_zpsvif2nyyn.jpg photo Rationing 2017 14_zpsc9mk97k2.jpg photo Rationing 2017 17_zpslimjwrd8.jpg photo Rationing 2017 18_zpsvq1ze9lr.jpg photo Rationing 2017 21_zpsezsumllw.jpg photo Rationing 2017 22_zpsffn4fy4m.jpg photo Rationing 2017 23_zpsimch7t12.jpg photo Rationing 2017 24_zpswuha7ibg.jpg photo Rationing 2017 25_zpsqozezlkg.jpg photo Rationing 2017 26_zpssbjxmpeq.jpg photo Rationing 2017 28_zpsmxqftiva.jpg photo Rationing 2017 30_zps9tb4f41t.jpg

Pancake Night

All I can say is that it was
 photo 17039419_10154839968720255_8875634554816926572_o_zpsi687z63q.jpg
 photo 16991698_10154839968725255_280162129496495634_o_zpsq8xkkctl.jpg
 photo 17015901_10154839968745255_8861999291252681799_o_zpssbux5gms.jpgFeaturing a guest appearance from the ultra high-tech toss o’ meter photo 17038535_10154839969020255_1762275161225898879_o_zpshv0lp0yi.jpg
 photo 17097440_10154839969515255_4431051148362487910_o_zpsflaofcz7.jpg
 photo 16992350_10154839969030255_8637471750373310817_o_zpsyvniqe7j.jpg
 photo 16825809_10154839969280255_3042777584071748290_o_zpsjpvcadsq.jpg
 photo 17017029_10154839969540255_5406622883696233609_o_zpsalvatwcu.jpg
 photo 17016038_10154839969015255_2717997804814519871_o_zps9tlxvsag.jpg
 photo 16904629_10154839969295255_5475612755036664931_o_zps0xy55qqm.jpg
 photo 17097249_10154839969315255_395928575080516632_o_zpsbnqtwz4h.jpg

Corporate Games Night- January 2017

 photo Corporate Games 2017 2 i_zpspo6mzfdo.jpg photo Corporate Games 2017 6 i_zpse2a4qgjc.jpg photo Corporate Games 2017 13 i_zpssrje7tyo.jpg photo Corporate Games 2017 14 i_zpsrfgkgkmr.jpg photo Corporate Games TR 2017 1 ii_zpszpnu55k8.jpg photo Corporate Games TR 2017 2 i_zps86r3zopm.jpg photo Corporate Games TR 2017 3 i_zps9jtj2qpt.jpg

Big Games Night- January 2017

 photo Big Games 2017 2_zpsltjgmjlr.jpg photo Big Games 2017 5_zpsmzp54noe.jpg photo Big Games 2017 6_zpsjstvt2c0.jpg photo Big Games 2017 9_zpsnmtyyor5.jpg photo Big Games 2017 11_zpso0m9wbg3.jpg photo Big Games 2017 16_zpsitcsuxkk.jpg photo Big Games 2017 20_zpsftwcwjuv.jpg photo Big Games 2017 21_zps6n9pmvok.jpg photo Big Games 2017 23_zpsca3udeyv.jpg photo Big Games 2017 24_zpswt7kee0w.jpg photo Big Games 2017 26_zpst8xpky7f.jpg photo Big Games 2017 28_zpsd449qmpm.jpg