Miscellaneous 2017 – Wednesday

Miscellaneous 2017 – Wednesday Troop

Steel drums; Pancakes; Rationing; Bike Night; Drama; Goodbye


Our wet night marked the end of an era, with Ruby being the first scout to leave the Wednesday troop, having started when the troop was started. Having done her fair share of camps (with many knife accidents!), Ruby will be missed in the troop, and we wish her the best of luck and hope to see her around!

She also became the first to start our new troop leaver’s necker, to be signed by all future leavers. Remember you saw it here first!

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Drama Night

To the delight of the leaders, the whole night was organised by two scouts! Max and Eleanor planned a superb and engaging evening, which put the leaders to shame when we saw how detailed their plan was – each activity was planned down to the minute! Tasks included moving around the hut becoming increasingly more like your chosen animal (cue much noise), and an improvisation task, which resulted in a performance that had to include the line “who stole my underpants!”

Max and Eleanor both earned their team leader challenge badge as a result of their superb planning and running of the whole evening – one step closer to that gold award!

Wednesday Drama Night

Bike Night

Nick and Toby couldn’t have asked for anything better – an hour and a half spent tinkering with bikes in need of a service! Scouts had a go at changing their inner tubes, tightening their brakes, and adjusting their saddles. Amazing, only one brake cable was broken, and even more amazingly, it wasn’t done by a scout!

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Rationing March 2017

One of the Scouts expertly created an evening connected to WW2 rationing. It started with the declaration of war from Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and concluded with Winston Churchill announcing unconditional surrender. We also had plenty of entertaining Food Flashes throughout the evening. Scouts cooked carrot croquets but sadly n time for the potato floddies. Whilst they were cooked well, they were rather bland – general conclusion – we’re glad we didn’t have to survive rationing!(Especially when the sweet ration dropped half way through the night…)Thank you Josh – excellent evening!

 photo 17388813_792509670003_9199462974679367544_o 1_zps6aou9qrd.jpg
The winning team, ecstatic at the though of eating their tasty good food
Pancake Night 
All I can say is that it was flipping amazing

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Steel Drum Night
The scouts were lucky enough to have a crack at steel drums, managing to play the beginning of ‘monkey man’, much to the delight of certain leaders.
Some got it straight away, others got it… just didn’t necessarily play the right notes!

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