Miscellaneous 2016 Friday

Miscelleneous 2016

Friday Edition 

Dodgeball; Remembrance Parade; Home Skills Evening; Alzheimer’s Society Swimathon;

Dodgeball – November 2016

   photo Dodgeball 2016 4_zpsddzh6rdq.jpg photo Dodgeball 2016 14_zpssgs3hexm.jpg photo Dodgeball 2016 23_zpsgxdytd9a.jpg photo Dodgeball 2016 1_zps8lozkgn4.jpg photo Dodgeball 2016 26_zpsd1lgypiz.jpg

Remembrance Parade Westbury On Trym – Sunday 13th November 2016

 photo Remembrance Day 2016 40_zpstrzgpqjl.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 69_zpsnhrfub0e.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 56_zpsqgdi6u3l.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 36_zpsziy6yczr.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 60_zps7uueyvdb.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 26_zps6bcz3msh.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 12_zpswrc0acqs.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 2_zps4g9ccrum.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 6_zpstbbdsejq.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 10_zpsoq9uwamw.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 1_zpsnoafprti.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 5_zpsfjmyi7vk.jpg

Home Skills Night – September 2016

As a service to Mum’s and Dad’s throughout north Bristol we taught Scouts to sew, change plugs, iron their Scout Shirts and make beds.

 photo Home Skills RD 2016 1_zpsrrugvtiu.jpg

Is he really ironing his arm!? photo Home Skills RD 2016 2_zpsmusxy5l7.jpg photo Home Skills RD 2016 3_zps0vsyyli9.jpg

 photo Home Skills 2016 18_zpsbzhvm7oa.jpg photo Home Skills 2016 17_zpslugrivxn.jpg photo Home Skills 2016 19_zpsuzrhcr11.jpg photo Home Skills 2016 20_zpsyk32jwz8.jpg photo Home Skills 2016 16_zpsqjaetkzb.jpg photo Home Skills 2016 15_zpsp4tchwh4.jpg photo Home Skills 2016 10_zpscjnooxta.jpgI’ve seen his sewing – I wouldn’t listen to his advice! photo Home Skills 2016 13_zpszu2e5laq.jpgWhat is this peculiar thing in my hand!? photo Home Skills 2016 8_zpsqatdqpuy.jpg photo Home Skills 2016 11_zpsdmcdwmqo.jpg photo Home Skills 2016 2_zpsq2eci3gp.jpg

 How many Scouts can you get in one bed… with a tortoise…

Scout Team at Swimathon

 Well done to the 62nd Swim team/s. Three teams taking part in the Alzheimer’s Society Swimathon at Clifton High School. A superb £480 was raised between them.

Thank you all!

  photo Swimathon 2016 i_zpszrcihqse.jpg

 photo Swimathon Team 2016 i_zpsz0pckcq6.jpg