Miscellaneous 2016 Wednesday

 Miscellaneous 2016

Wednesday Edition

.Christmas Party; Remembrance Parade; Giant board Games


Christmas party

 What better than a festive party to end another great term of scouting? 

  photo IMG_3432_zps4nhibw7b.jpg

 photo IMG_3440_zpsnivdmkrf.jpg photo IMG_3442_zpsvzvjix6d.jpg photo IMG_3443_zpsktn7gnvm.jpgTights?? Baloons?? What on earth are they up to?… photo IMG_3448_zpsnblvzp0c.jpg photo IMG_3451_zpswgcz7v5y.jpg photo IMG_3453_zpsts1ljech.jpg photo IMG_3455_zpsethmnurz.jpg photo IMG_3456_zpsci2yofip.jpg…They’re reindeers with baloon antlers, of course! photo IMG_3460_zpsyedrpjso.jpg photo IMG_3468_zpsw49fnb2v.jpg photo IMG_3475_zpsmvfydlni.jpg



Remembrance Parade Westbury On Trym – Sunday 13th November 2016

 photo Remembrance Day 2016 40_zpstrzgpqjl.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 69_zpsnhrfub0e.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 56_zpsqgdi6u3l.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 36_zpsziy6yczr.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 60_zps7uueyvdb.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 26_zps6bcz3msh.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 12_zpswrc0acqs.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 2_zps4g9ccrum.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 6_zpstbbdsejq.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 10_zpsoq9uwamw.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 1_zpsnoafprti.jpg photo Remembrance Day 2016 5_zpsfjmyi7vk.jpg


Giant Board Games Night

The scouts had a go at playing some classic board games, but on a scale never seen before (that day at least!). From Battleships to Twister, fun was had by all – the highlight being buckaroo, which involved one scout being the donkey, and the rest of their team balance whatever they could find really precariously on top of them!


 photo 14455789_10210392579640248_980108936_o_zpstkbnocrk.jpg photo 14446345_10210392580840278_1600829737_o_zpsegtfcgw0.jpg photo 20160921_204015_zpsnlb2qcv6.jpg photo 20160921_204008_zpsvemjc1vw.jpg photo 20160921_203651_zps9bmilory.jpg photo 20160921_203631_zpsogyjzo1z.jpg photo 20160921_203554_zpsvujgbu7z.jpg photo 20160921_203547_zpsrgfoc6ei.jpg photo 20160921_203535_zpsnkguonbp.jpg