Miscellaneous 2014

Miscellaneous 2014

Mystery trip; ‘Big Art!’, Scouts at Christmas

Scouts at Christmas

 In preparation for the Carol Service the Scouts get Christmassy…

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  ‘Big Art’ November 2014

 34 scouts, plus leaders and a simply enormous piece of paper that needs filling on a theme of Teddies vs. Aliens…

  photo Xmaspics201454sm_zps4892a4fa.jpg

  Mystery Trip – February 2014

Over 40 Scouts all got sucked into a rather grand sounding Mystery Trip, all they knew was it involved films. In reality it was a classical concert at the prestigous Colston Hall, Bristol.

 Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to be precise – with an evening full of top film hits. Batman, Captain America, Dr Who, Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, Harry Potter, Superman, The Incredibles, Saving Private Ryan to name a few of the classics. James Bond though was the showstopping finale.

 In the end it was a fantastic evening, with superbly well behaved Scouts (and leaders…)

  photo ColstonHall2_zpsa11acbb6.jpg photo ColstonHall1_zpsaa2db8b8.jpg