Miscellaneous 2013

Miscelleneous 2013

BBC Scouts; T-Shirts Night; Medieval Night; Water Turbine Night; Hike U Like; Memory Walk; Talent Night

Talent Show Winners

 Friday 18th October 2013

Our superb talent show involved a whole range of excellent acts, from magic to instruments, poetry readings and a whole lot more. Overall winners were Andreas with two brilliant poems and Stefan and Toby with an incredibly amusing art sketch.

Of which we couldn’t resist investing in two t-shirts to celebrate their Boris painting talents!

 photo Halloween20132i_zpsadb6b50a.jpg

Memory Walk 2013

September 2013

 A small, but incredibly important group of Scouts and their parents completed the Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk at Blaise Castle. Over 2000 people joined the walk in total and the Scouts managed to raise over £150.

 Well done everyone!

 photo MemoryWalk2013ii_zpsa95be19f.jpg photo MemoryWalk2013iii_zps3fbf2096.jpg photo MemoryWalk2013i_zps9d4b116c.jpg photo MemoryWalk2013_zps68b920cb.jpg

Soggy Bottoms and Crumb Structure

 Daisy Hollywood and Davey Berry were in attednance as judges for our first Great British Take off. Tasks were judged on creativity, complexicity, similarity, imagination, mikeicity, healthicity etc. etc.

 Congratulations to team Nice (certainly not dim) for their overal winning creations.

 photo photoi_zpsf48901d8.jpg

Hike U Like – Cycling to Bath March 2013

 A cold drizzly day, few were brave enough. Exact time last year was scorchio.

Cycle March photo CycleMarch20132_zps1af5f92d.jpgCycle March photo CycleMarch20131_zps8e02be46.jpg

Water Turbine Night February 2013

 Sam, Sam the turbine man came along and had us all building and testing mini water turbines. Larger versions of which he is developing in Nepal to bring much needed electricity to remote areas.

 photo WaterTurbineNight201340_zps799cf471.jpg photo WaterTurbineNight201345_zps3f4363c6.jpg photo WaterTurbineNight201337_zpsbc389577.jpg photo WaterTurbineNight20137i_zps961b9044.jpg photo WaterTurbineNight20133_zps21120f51.jpg photo WaterTurbineNight20136_zps51806683.jpg photo WaterTurbineNight20131_zps5104ebc3.jpg

 Medieval Night February 2013

Jesters, knights, plague carriers and a selection of other medieval characters cooked up a mighty medieval feast, including pottage of turnips, gyngerbrede, tartys in applis, tostee and beef y-stywyd. Congratulations to Matt for at least attempting the disaster that was tartys in applis. It was as the chef described it, the medeival invention of tarmac…

…nothing like apples in tarts then?

 Congratulations to Dave and Mike for their Chief Scouts Commendation award and Mark for his wood beads. Also to Clive for the Medal of Merit Award.













Spray bleach T-Shirts February 2013 A couple of older Scouts had the idea and organised and ran the evening. Great results, except a few did not bring t-shirts, we found some white ones – of course – they failed!    photo TShirts20131_zps4bba59b9.jpg  photo TShirts20137_zps59cca507.jpg  photo TShirts201310_zps394ff57d.jpg  photo TShirts20135_zps7ce6a4e0.jpg  photo TShirts201328_zps658c9f35.jpg  photo TShirts201321_zps50b18803.jpg  photo TShirts201311_zps20f232b6.jpg  photo TShirts201319_zps951e2026.jpg  BBC Scouts February 2013 Two Scouts on a wind up, on CBBC, broadcast to the nation and beamed live into the hut on a freezing cold snowy evening.

BBC Scouts photo BBCScouts1_zps6baefed8.jpgBBC Scouts photo WaterTurbineNight20135i_zps1072e6c8.jpgBBC Scouts photo BBCScouts3_zps72efcca6.jpg