Miscellaneous 2006



Miscellaneous 2006


Pancake Night; First Aid; Robin Hood – Scouts in Tights!; Failand Hike; Beetle; Snake Night


Pancake Night

Scouts had £1.50 to buy everything they needed for cooking and filling pancakes.
Considering they were Scouts, many of the pancakes looked really quite… well… appetizing. Most bizzare! Others, however looked really quite… well… unappetizing, to say the least. I’ve never seen pancakes looking such strange colours.
Some Scouts even flipped (pancakes that is).
Congratulations to those that did well!!

 photo Pancake20064_zpsae09f60d.jpg photo Pancake20066_zpsf2699d1a.jpg photo Pancake20065_zps128d2be7.jpg photo Pancake20062_zpsec7be31f.jpg photo Pancake20063_zpse2235e97.jpg photo Pancake20061Ver1_zps3e869e47.jpg


Scouts in Injury Drama!



After a session on first aid skills they were instantly put into practice as 5 Scouts had unfortunate incidents. One fell out of a tree (inside, somehow) another burnt himself whilst another had cut himself very badly with a rather blunt looking knife…
Still, some of the Scouts knew what to do and patched things up quite well.


Robin Hood ~ Scouts in Tights!


Scouts have a night themed on the brave and gallant hero Robin Hood…


“Robin Hood, Robin Hood the man is such a legend, Robin Hood, Robin Hood spies the sixty- second, Should he retreat, Back to Sherwood? Course he should, course he should, course he should…”
Anyway, a massively funny night was had by all, from flour bombs to paint bombs and a taste of catapults thrown in.
Well done to all those who entered into the spirit of it, we had Scouts in tights, Scouts in trousers, Scouts in tights under their trousers and Scouts with painted green legs (I just hope it wasn’t permanent food colouring he used… ah well, it was worth it for the prize!)
Congratulations to you all, if you missed it, you missed the chance to see leaders in tights – yes leaders in tights (and funny green curtain cloak things…)
 photo RobinHood2006_zps6ce68237.jpg photo RobinHood20062_zps098826a0.jpg photo RobinHood20061_zps4b7f8abe.jpg photo RobonHood20066_zps5655f185.jpg photo RobinHood20065ver1_zps33bf7684.jpg photo RobinHood20063_zpsc338565b.jpg photo RobinHood20064_zps10d37cf2.jpg photo RobinHood20062Ver1_zps88f7ec3b.jpg

Failand Hike

March 2006

A pleasant evening, bit chilly but pleasant none the less. The Scouts had decided to get a bit of night-time map reading and hiking prcatice in.
Fun was had by all… Especially when those boy racers turned up…


Thank you to everyone who supported the Beetle Drive, over £60 was raised, fantastic!
A competely fun evening, over too soon for some people… Tasty cakes and refreshments, all free!
Watch out for the next one…


Snake Night



After an entertaining and informative visit from the inquisitive Irwin and Terry, the majority of Scouts are now pestering their parents for pet rats and snakes…
Dead mice in the freezer as snake food anyone!?
Terry the snake decided he simply wasn’t hungry and Irwin simply wanted to fall sleep upon Harrison. AWWW!
Thank you Daisy for an excellent night!
(Apologies for blurry photos but Terry and Irwin wouldn’t keep still!)

Feeding time photo Snakes0626.jpg photo Snakes065.jpg photo Snakes067.jpg photo Snakes068.jpg photo Snakes0625.jpg photo Snakes0620.jpg

  photo Snakes0614.jpg photo Snakes0618.jpg photo Snakes0619.jpg photo Snakes0624.jpg





 Tramp Night 2006

  Scouts dressed up in fantastic colourful outfits, all paraded down the hastily constructed catwalk…
…the fashion – all made out of bin bags!

 Fire Station Visit 2006

 An informative evening with lots of large, big equipment that can cause lots of damage when rescuing people. And a thermal imaging camera that made people look funny, all in a nights experience at Southmead Fire Station.
Thank you very much to everyone at Southmead Fire Station for an expert and fantastic evening!
Just a shame that someone decided to have a fire when we were about to mess around with hoses. Ah well, that’s another evening at the hut planned then!