May Day Weekend 2013

May Day Weekend Camp 2013


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Friday 3rd May


Sunday 5th May



 A weekend full of sunshine and smiles.

Glenny Woods had mysteriously turned into our own hut and the Group camp warped into a Scout camp, but we persisted and a fantastic time was had by all. Caving was on Saturday morning, during our only grey, cloudy, drizzly spot but by the time we emerged from the depths the sun had come out to play.

Jack in the Green was next up. We sunned our selves on the Common and eventually the big green man in a bush made it’s way up the field accompanied by the Morris dancey people.

Sunday we trundled off swimming, in a freezing cold Horfield Leisure Centre. They more than made up for this though with excellently valued tea served in enormous mugs.


 photo cavingphoto_zps11ada604.jpg

 Anyone for a song!?


 photo DSC_0163i_zps447d676a.jpg photo DSC_0164_zpse0770b8c.jpg photo DSC_0167_zps76396e6d.jpg photo DSC_0169i_zpsa7e6ecbc.jpg photo DSC_0152_zps68f6476a.jpg photo DSC_0143_zpsb521a3b4.jpg photo DSC_0135_zpsa1f7a80a.jpg photo DSC_0137_zps9f663d64.jpg photo DSC_0141_zpsab46756e.jpg photo DSC_0173_zps61b1b12f.jpg photo DSC_0174_zpsbc3d3351.jpg photo DSC_0186_zpsb94902b2.jpg photo DSC_0194_zps912157c6.jpg photo DSC_0199_zps188b1b19.jpg photo DSC_0185i_zps8ace5770.jpg photo DSC_0184_zps9ce2fa2a.jpg photo DSC_0176_zps5e343803.jpg photo DSC_0177_zpsfc6f8ef7.jpg photo DSC_0181_zps8f256689.jpg photo DSC_0130_zpsa5e66631.jpg photo DSC_0127_zps140402bd.jpg photo DSC_0038_zps655242f2.jpg photo DSC_0065i_zps5ff7852f.jpg photo DSC_0066i_zpse0a1d635.jpg photo DSC_0071_zps982d4947.jpg photo DSC_0019_zpsdcf3e509.jpg photo DSC_0016_zpsf17b077f.jpg photo DSC_0008_zpsfb95bcf6.jpg photo DSC_0009_zps9b24a0dd.jpg photo DSC_0013_zps38367d52.jpg photo DSC_0072_zps45ab99c3.jpg photo DSC_0075_zps1a3c7852.jpg photo DSC_0117_zps670c77b3.jpg photo DSC_0120_zps66fef641.jpg photo DSC_0125_zpsd54d5f99.jpg photo DSC_0111_zps543b73c9.jpg photo DSC_0101_zps1a84a942.jpg photo DSC_0094_zpsaa61132c.jpg photo DSC_0099_zpsd7a2b80e.jpg photo DSC_0100_zps9919db9d.jpg