Malvern 2014

Malvern 2014

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  It was the last ever Malvern Challenge but the organisers for the last 20 odd years sent us off with the usual mad-capped mayhem, including:

 Kingsland Road (X Factor, apparently)

Ruff Diamond (no idea)

Flame Oz (excellent fire and light show)

and the superb Stavros Flatley (the real winners of britain’s Got Talent!)

 19 Scouts from 62nd and the usual accompaniment of leaders all joined in the fun, took the challenge, drank lots of tea, organised queues and shouted ‘go’ a lot…

 We’ve now been 6 times over the last 10 years and the Scouts and leaders have loved every minute. A distant thank you to those lovely souls who made it all fantastic. In the words of one Scout:

 “Can’t they just take a massive spatula, scoop out the field and place it somewhere else…”

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  photo MC20141_zps0bc4f6ac.jpg photo MC20142_zps4efa2948.jpg photo MC20143_zps9190a74c.jpg photo MC20144_zpsc93fea92.jpg photo MC201479_zpsa58ef39b.jpg photo MC20145_zps553ee226.jpg photo MC20148_zps8e2f33e7.jpg photo MC20149_zps691537ae.jpg photo MC201412_zps1f6d2010.jpg photo MC201417_zpsa929953b.jpg photo MC201421_zps256ce9c2.jpg photo MC201426_zpsf9a7cca4.jpg photo MC201428_zpsd8ab9df3.jpg photo MC201431_zpsd352df2e.jpg photo MC201434_zps3dfeb453.jpg photo MC201435_zps1e07969a.jpg photo MC201437_zps9d77ed04.jpg photo MC201439i_zps1fddc60c.jpg photo MC201440_zps2b3c5519.jpg photo MC201443_zps24196b01.jpg photo MC201445_zps61b459fc.jpg photo MC201447i_zps61c8ab79.jpg photo MC201448_zps869abf08.jpg photo MC201449_zps203733b0.jpg photo MC201451_zps366d8b66.jpgOne of the Scouts loved his uniform… photo MC201453_zpsdd055b55.jpg photo MC201454_zps124f0464.jpg photo MC201462_zps92a77268.jpg photo MC201464_zpscdc19022.jpg photo MC201466_zpsde15e230.jpg photo MC201467_zps22a1737a.jpg photo MC201469_zpsc72881f3.jpg photo MC201470_zps0ae808af.jpgIs that a big nappy!? photo MC201472_zpsff6959f9.jpg photo MC201474_zps38af3faa.jpg photo MC201475_zpsff1a4cf4.jpg photo MC201477_zpsec427cf6.jpg    photo WprCamMC201431_zps9c7c2cac.jpg photo WprCamMC201430_zpse1018fcd.jpg photo WprCamMC201432_zpsa6d25182.jpg photo WprCamMC201437_zpsabd5c0e2.jpg photo WprCamMC201440i_zpse85dca68.jpg photo WprCamMC201429_zps9cc0c3db.jpg photo WprCamMC201428_zps87b97ab5.jpg photo WprCamMC20147_zps87212fb6.jpg photo WprCamMC20146_zpsee7577ac.jpg photo WprCamMC201410_zps8b50b7ac.jpg photo WprCamMC201411_zps769a2e48.jpg photo WprCamMC201427_zpsb20ea6bb.jpg photo WprCamMC20144_zpsf6cf06aa.jpg