Malvern 2013

Malvern 2013

The minibus arrived and the mist descended, so much so that you could not see across the field. “The soup is sort of that direction, big white tent thing… Can’t miss it…” The heavens also opened and rain turned the place to mud in a matter of seconds. Half an hour later though, everything cleared up and the rest of the weekend was wall to wall sunshine.

 The Malvern Challenge took place on Saturday, 8 mile incident hike involving over 2000 Scouts in 406 teams.

 Guess where we came!?

 6th place! Well done Stan, Harry, Emily, Tarik and Safira an excellent result!

 Our 2nd team also did remarkably well, 25th place.

Congratulations to you all! We’re rather proud!

 Later on the Saturday was volleyball, Daisy decides to umpire, then regrets it. We’re not impressed she sooo favoured the other team during our second match! Boo hiss!

Sunday was the fair, leaders had fun on the inflatables. Scouts? No idea – we didn’t see them all day!


 photo Malvern20135_zpsd1082476.jpgLittle did they know – we lost them on the hike for nearly 5 hours, 6th place though!   photo Malvern20131_zps36bdc3c8.jpg photo Malvern20133i_zpsa419bba5.jpg photo Malvern20134_zpsae9d3808.jpg photo Malvern20137_zpsf22bb497.jpg photo Malvern20138i_zps8c9a1063.jpg photo Malvern201310i_zps906df621.jpg photo Malvern201311i_zps0ff6edb2.jpg photo Malvern201315_zps7f8a1009.jpg photo Malvern201319_zps6e9dd9b6.jpg photo Malvern201320_zpse706a5c1.jpg photo Malvern201321_zpsde837ba9.jpg photo Malvern201327_zpsb8eafbc6.jpg photo Malvern201330_zpsea0e13db.jpg photo Malvern201338i_zps1756f970.jpg photo Malvern201342_zps976e7cbb.jpg photo Malvern201343_zps94c100bd.jpg photo Malvern201344_zpsf7b29a08.jpg photo Malvern201352i_zps94670c8b.jpg photo Malvern201355i_zpsfb58d491.jpg photo Malvern201356_zps4d3bb835.jpg photo Malvern201359_zps2b7e6cb4.jpg photo Malvern201362_zpsdfcbf66a.jpgTeam Cabot! 91st Bristol and 62nd join forces…   photo Malvern201363_zps10ad7d80.jpg photo Malvern201379i_zpsa7c11f78.jpg