Look at it this way 2017 Friday

Look at it this way

The troop got thinking about taking more creative photos, venturing into unfamiliar territory, taking pictures without filters from their favourite picture-based social media! Some creative photos playing with perspective were taken, resembling scenes from honey I shrunk the kids, and as the light began to fade we were able to experiment with torches and long shutter speeds, with impressive results!

We even managed to squish the moon…


 photo SDC14103_zpsoay0jojg.jpg
No scouts were squashed in the making of this picture…

 photo IMG_3053_zpsqhr35qce.jpg
 photo IMG_3066_zpsd3atb0ma.jpg
 photo IMG_3071_zpsj6gsakil.jpg
 photo IMG_3076_zpspusvx34u.jpg
 photo IMG_4173_zpszlw0zyct.jpg

 photo IMG_9844_zpskiyi3149.jpg

 photo IMG_4178_zpscxmdkxig.jpg
 photo IMG_4195_zpslh3noe7x.jpg
 photo IMG_4206_zpskp4rif9a.jpg
 photo IMG_2382_zpsm4e8qghc.jpg
 photo IMG_2415_zps4y7wnyie.jpg
 photo IMG_2418_zpsd4wkm6go.jpg
 photo IMG_4314_zps4fo1niaz.jpg
 photo IMG_4310_zpsal9tnrat.jpg
 photo IMG_4305_zpscmwkpk4g.jpg
 photo IMG_4319_zpsv46cerug.jpg

 photo IMG_2388_zpswnml41u1.jpg
 photo IMG_9860_zpsfa2gwjbm.jpg
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 photo IMG_3629_zpsa88roccb.jpg
 photo IMG_3632_zps9rikhgjb.jpg
 photo IMG_3646_zpsggxbrwwn.jpg
 photo IMG_9867_zpsqfanpekn.jpg
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