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Latest update: 21st April 2020

We are trying to bring together activities that Beavers, Cubs and Scouts can have a go with at home.

Whilst some activities have been set by their section leaders – if Beavers, Cubs or Scouts from other sections wish to have a go – feel free! No one is stopping you!

Leaders usually love to see what you have been upto! Head over to the 62nd Bristol Facebook page or email your leaders.

For everyone:


Ordnance Survey Website:

Click here


Scouts Association Website:

The Great Indoors

Ideas and activities to inspire young minds…

Virtual Museums and Museum Websites:

Click here

Quite an impressive list of museums and galleries from around the world to browse and visit virtually! Lots of websites also have kids sections.

Museums, Zoo, Aquariums and Theme Parks:

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Described as a massive list, from the Goodhousekeeping website!

From the UK Scout Ass. In co-ordination with Comic Relief and BBC Children in Need:

Walk to the Moon



Carry On Scouting

(from Gloucestershire Socuts)

Lots of ideas!

Here is a little challenge from Horfield Methodist Church:

so can I leave you all with a little challenge to see if you can do a little thing each day and make a difference somehow – perhaps text/ring/email/write to a family member or take on a little job around the house?


Activities for Beavers:

Beaver Badges:

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Have a look at the activity Badges, there might be something you can complete.


Activities for Cubs:

Cub Badges:

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Have a browse and see if there is an activity badge you could complete.



Activities for Scouts:


Week 5: This week’s challenge is to…

Produce an A4 advertisement showcasing your skills as a local handyman. Your advert must list at least 5 household, handyman or DIY skills you possess, and photographic evidence is needed of you completing each skill to be able to really sell your services in a local newspaper, noticeboard or website!

Here are some examples of skills you may wish to include:

  • Mend or customise an item of clothing.
  • Cook and serve a two-course meal, for at least four people 
  • Fix a puncture or a dropped chain on a bike.
  • Wash up after a meal
  • Use a washing machine to wash a load of clothes.
  • Iron your uniform shirt.
  • Change a lightbulb, in a ceiling light.
  • Set a heating timer and thermostat
  • Clean a toilet, hob or oven.

The above are only suggestions – you may select additional skills not listed, but please make sure they are of a DIY/household skills nature.

The format of your advert is completely up to you; it can be as factual, funny or informative as you like! This will go towards your Skills Challenge badge…

Scout Badges:

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Have a go at an activity badge.

Cabot Online:

Goto Facebook and search Cabot Online

For Cabot District Scouts a place to complete and share your badges.


Week 4

This week’s weekly challenge
This week’s weekly challenge is…
Produce a 3D model of your best or most memorable scouting moment. This may be a fond recreation of your proudest scouting moment, your most memorable camp experience or your favourite scout night!
Your model may be constructed from whatever you happen to have handy; wood, cardboard, Bratz dolls, food – whatever you like!
Imagine your models will be used to promote scouting to someone who’s never done scouts before, so try not to make them too abstract!
As always, we would like plenty of photographic or video evidence of your marvellous creations!
We’re looking forward to this one! Good luck!

Week 2:

Make a film using one of the following four briefs:

  • Your favourite iconic movie scene
  • Condense a blockbuster into less than 1 minute
  • My life in isolation
  • Remake/make a music video

Please make all videos no longer than roughly 1 minute.

To make your film, you can either cast yourself and/or family as the leads, or if you prefer to be the other side of the camera, then you can make a stop-motion video. There’s lots of good apps out there for making stop motion videos; we’ve used ‘stop motion’ and ‘I can animate’ which are both relatively good, and allow you to narrate over the top if you wish!

Other than that, how you interpret the brief is completely up to you! 

Lights, camera, action!

Week 3: 

This week’s weekly challenge is ‘produce a Michelin starred meal’!

Cook a gourmet meal for your household that gives the Ritz a run for it’s money! Treat your diners to a five star dining experience, so as well as exquisite food, you must also create a lovely ambience and provide faultless table service. Remember; your restaurant, your rules! Will the dress code be casual and laid back, or will diners be refused entry if they arrive in jeans?!

Please ensure you send us lots of photographic evidence of your cooking and restaurant set up. We will be awarding prizes to the best efforts, but everyone who takes part will be ticking off valuable sections of badgework.

Scouts: remember, kitchens are dangerous places – and they also need a thoroughly good clean afterwards… Just saying.

Week 1:

Write a poem / limerick / letter all about our wonderful NHS.