Jolly Jangly Jam Jars

Jolly Jangly Jam Jars!


Jolly jangly jam jars is a simple fundraising initiative from 62nd bristol Scouts. Everyone ends up with loose change in their pockets, and we are asking for small amount of that to be dropped into our jolly jangly jam jars over the Christmas period. Copper, silver, gold, coins are all fine!

As a parent/guardian don’t feel you have to take part yourself, we would encourage you to pass on the jolly jangly jam jars to relatives or neighbours. This has the added benefit of publicising the work of the group in the Community.

We are hoping everyone will take home a jolly jangly jam jar over the Christmas holidays, and our aim is to raise £10 per jar so no need to feel right up to the brim.

Jars will be collected in in January and you can watch this space for updates on how much has been raised.

The money will primarily be used for funding equipment and activities within the scout section, however if we meet our target we will pass some funds on to the group to pay for facilities maintenance.

Happy jolly jangly jam jar fund raising!




(Plus €2, 51 cents, a halfpenny, and a quarter!)

  Raised so far!