Friday Miscellaneous 2018


A spot of tennis at the Ardagh.

 photo Tennis 2018 19_zpsa3oqa1w2.jpg  photo Tennis 2018 20_zpssonyyeoy.jpg  photo Tennis 2018 22_zpsc0mmuuq5.jpg  photo Tennis 2018 13_zpsvu6ymuvw.jpg  photo Tennis 2018 18_zpsx15fkcwl.jpg

Smart-Casual Team Building

The sequel to last year’s corporate team building, the smart casual challenge night set challenges such as simply operating walkie-talkies, peeling bananas without hands, and not eating an ice cream until AFTER the challenge was complete! An impressive array of smart-casual attire was present, with some opting for the super mega smart smart-casual, and others opting for scruffy uniform instead – no change there!

 photo IMG_7776_zps29lppohi.jpg
 photo IMG_7777_zpsi7imllah.jpg
 photo IMG_7780_zpspecnecen.jpg
 photo IMG_7786_zpsnbowj41u.jpg
 photo IMG_7790_zpsfgxqh0tg.jpg
 photo IMG_7791_zpsqceayecy.jpg
 photo IMG_7793_zpss8y8k4a4.jpg
 photo IMG_7794_zpsw8jtuh8l.jpg
 photo IMG_7798_zpsqeboqata.jpg
 photo IMG_7799_zps1nu40wwp.jpg
 photo IMG_7804_zpszifqixix.jpg
 photo IMG_7805_zpsddvnhkwq.jpg
 photo IMG_7816_zpsmgdhiyji.jpg
 photo IMG_7818_zpshrdocylu.jpg
 photo IMG_7820_zpsgg7eqetq.jpg