Expedition 2019


After the success of ‘the great Cotswold adventure!’ 2018, our latest bunch of intrepid hikers geared up set off on their own expedition.

A MAHOOSIVE well done to the 12 scouts who walked just over 30KM this weekend on their expedition!! For many this was their first time hiking with all their kit on their backs. Their routes took in the wonderful Cotswolds, and they were blessed with some tip-top weather. Some tired but happy scouts arrived to meet us at the Finish, and it sounds like some great times were had by both teams. Apart from a scenic diversion taking in the local ‘warehouses’ by one team yesterday, both groups navigated themselves with an increasing level of competence over the 2 days, and hopefully learnt the value of always knowing where you are on the map! We were particularly impressed with how slick and efficient the teams were at packing down camp – by the time Leaders were emerging from their tents, all the scouts were up and tents being taken down! A great achievement for all our expeditioners to feel very proud of, BRAVO!